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a writing system based on alphabetic characters

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While it is true that by addressing the alterations to the ledger the alphabetic script directs readers to some degree to the original record, the redactor's rhetoric consistently serves to overwrite the Northern Cheyenne historian's intent even as it points to the doubleness and potential undecidability of the distorted images.
14) I suggest here that the second redactor of "The Black Horse Ledger" the writer of the cursive ink labels, is white; historical facts about Indian alphabetic literacy, in particular the Northern Cheyenne's late adoption of alphabetic script given their limited contact with whites, support this conclusion.
In contrast, bilingual children reading two alphabetic scripts (e.
More specifically, they test the 'orthography-specific' hypothesis of Biederman & Tsao (1979) which predicts that logographic scripts cause larger intralingual Stroop effects than syllabaries and alphabetic scripts, and that the more different the orthographies of the two languages involved in an interlingual condition (e.
The grammar begins with an overview of the history and culture of Ugarit, including brief accounts of the discovery and identification of the site, the decipherment of the alphabetic script, the discovery of particular collections of tablets and of the abecedaries and other scripts and languages, the types of Ugaritic texts, the history and geography of the kingdom, and the language and writing system.
21) One could suspect Greek influence, but Greek influence cannot explain the precise notation of vowel length in Brahmi, and it would have failed to promote a true alphabetic script.
Was it a demonstration that it is the possible to write alphabetic script on durable writing material?
From the perspective of the central process, the visual-sound correspondence that resembles the grapheme to phoneme conversion used in alphabetic scripts may not exist in Chinese.
94-95,115-16), Rollston offers a useful synthesis of some studies by others, a few yet unpublished, on the often underestimated difficulty of learning alphabetic scripts (pp, 92-94).
Several words, including "judge," "slave" and "king" could be identified and the experts said they hoped the text would shed light on how alphabetic scripts developed.
An extinct script, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, Babylonian cuneiform or the glyphs of the ancient Maya of Central America, may strike us as little short of miraculous and bizarrely different from our own alphabetic scripts.
At the start of this period one finds a two-fold use of writing: syllabic Babylonian cuneiform used for imperial, bureaucratic purposes and linear alphabetic scripts used for little more than marking property.
Letter imperfect A study found that different brain disturbances underlie impaired reading of alphabetic scripts, such as English, and non-alphabetic scripts, such as Chinese (166: 148).
A left brain region already implicated in decoding alphabetic scripts exhibited particularly low blood flow, suggesting reduced neural activity, in those with dyslexia.
In this regard, what is particularly interesting about the Tamil-Brahmi system, especially the TB-I variety, is how, though not an alphabet in the full sense of the term, it incorporates among its basic features one of the fundamental characteristics of true alphabets, namely a set of graphs representing vowelless consonants; that is to say, it contains graphs that represent phonemes rather than syllables, which is normally thought to be a defining characteristic of "true" alphabetic scripts.