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Finally, repeat the first experiment, but this time interrupt the subject's addition periodically with recited alphabetic characters, while the student attempts to keep track of both results simultaneously.
We wish to distinguish alphabetic characters by assigning them to different bins.
We also hypothesized that wrist and forearm postures when typing text consisting of mostly alphabetic characters would be different than postures assumed when typing alphabetic text that included a large number of numeric characters.
Large blood centers may use the first two characters of the seven-digit donation identification number as alphabetic characters to identify the mobile or fixed collection site at which the product was collected.
Even this limited use of "numeric" and "non-numeric" is inaccurate; alphabetic characters may properly be included in some numeric data elements such as LCCN, and numerals are frequently found in the data in "non-numeric" fields--in titles, author headings, publication dates, and collations, for example.
To build molecular structures using ChiWriter requires the optional Chemistry Fonts Disk with its set of specially centered alphabetic characters to form the symbols of atoms within molecules and chemical equations.
The raw, unformatted manual pages were only filtered by throwing away format command lines and by converting alphabetic characters from upper to lower case.
A cursive script, Arabic is especially complex because each of its 28 alphabetic characters can take any of four different forms, depending on the adjacent characters.
Since the data PBX permits selection of up to 64 classes by symbolic names made up of alphabetic characters, such as FAS, we are able to use acronyms for our most-frequently accessed resources, an important advantage for our inexperienced users.
Computers lend themselves to this type of editing, allowing the designer to set up masks or templates for data entry which check for simple errors like putting alphabetic characters in numeric fields or the reverse.