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soup that contains small noodles in the shape of letters of the alphabet

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AlphaBet Soup Productions has been presenting theater for young audiences since 1987.
The national and corporate interests of the richest and most industrialized countries are embodied in the programs and policies pushed by this alphabet soup of organizations, be it WTO, WEF, or APEC.
And there's a veritable alphabet soup of other unidentified players: Co-conspirators A, C, D and Z and someone called Person X.
March 5 - Brown Bag: Alphabet Soup, A Discussion of LGBTQA Identities.
Alphabet Soup -- The class will meet from 6 to 7 p.m.
But when it comes to condition codes for wheel assemblies, those letters can seem more like alphabet soup!
The alphabet soup of ever-changing owners culminated with AMT.
But that alphabet soup will go away under a plan unveiled by Sharon H.
ALPHABET SOUP! Our first tip comes from Divide, Colo.
Ken Clarke called the government "bewildering" and compared its policies to an "alphabet soup" in a speech to the Tory Reform Group at the Carlton Club in London.
Mr Neale, who gave a speech to the Insurance Institute of London today, said life should be made easier for the consumer who "struggles to distinguish between the alphabet soup of bodies active in the regulatory field" and who "struggles to understand the different compensation limits applying to different products".
Until the alphabet soup of unconstitutional agencies starts crumbling, and the drunken sailors in Washington stop spending, it will be obvious that not much has changed in Washington.
Mr Andrews will set out his concerns in a speech to schools' watchdog Estyn in which he will say the current system "panders to the alphabet soup of qualifications set up by the private examination bodies".
His weapons are an alphabet soup of powers - ABCs, ASBOs, GNAs, Anti-gang Injunctions - but they have been credited with bringing peace to the streets by targeting the seemingly untouchable.
Appended are: (1) School boards and the law; (2) Alphabet soup of education acronyms; (3) State and local education resources; and (4) WSSDA: The school directors' own organization.