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soup that contains small noodles in the shape of letters of the alphabet

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We have an alphabet soup of places to start--NSSE, CIRP, and ASQ--and we could begin by debating their comparative strengths and weaknesses.
No doubt, the community has yet to come to grips with the last letter in this so-called [GLBT] alphabet soup, the "T"; cues are in the language as well as behavior.
Replacement mats--My Town, Alphabet Soup, and My Pretty Garden (including coordinating tethered toys)--can be added for $9.
The more radical end goal advocated by some researchers is to move entire applications to the device controllers, using higher-level protocols such as CORBA, COM+, Web Services/SOAP, RMI, or something else from the alphabet soup of distributed-programming acronyms to wire everything together.
Blame the alphabet soup on consultants and technology analysts who put different spins on the same concept.
If red tape and alphabet soup worked, safety of human subjects would have been assured years ago.
When a controversial bill comes before Congress, representatives from an alphabet soup of associations: NAIFA, AALU (the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting), ACLI (American Council of Life Insurers) and perhaps HIAA (Health Insurance Association of America) and several others come to represent "the industry.
Overusing jargon, especially if it's liberally dished out in an alphabet soup of acronyms.
His unashamed "take me as I am" approach to educating us on his sexuality ("male lesbian") opens up the gay conversation to include all queers in the GLBT alphabet soup.
A colt by Alphabet Soup apparently attracted a bid of $260,000 to top the sales in the first session.
From the educational and edible fun of gloopy alphabet soup to the sophisticated watery delights of consomme, it is the meal that bridges the generation gap.
Is the alphabet soup of regulatory bodies--the POB, the AICPA's PEEC, SECPS, ASB and the ISB--really workable?
In the first year after the order was issued, the alphabet soup of regulatory agencies spewed forth more than 40 new regulations costing more than $100 million a year, nearly as many as the year before.
The new standard will reduce the confusion of consumers confronted by an alphabet soup of standards and standards labeling," said CPSC Chair Ann Brown.
All well and good for Carver, but for the uninitiated, the various stock exchanges on Wall Street can often seem like a literal alphabet soup of financial services.