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a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction

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Alpha-tocopherol supplementation significantly decreased serum ALT in broilers under high temperature (Shah et al., 2016), glucose (Habibian et al., 2014) and increases serum protein (Zia ur Rehman et al., 2017).
Serum retinol, alpha-tocopherol, and lipid peroxide concentrations in low-income Indian pregnant mothers.
As an antioxidant, gamma-tocopherol is better than alpha-tocopherol. However, in humans, levels of alpha-tocopherol are about five times higher than gamma levels.
The mean serum concentration of alpha-tocopherol decreased significantly from baseline to 30 hours, while the concentration of its main metabolite (alpha-CEHC) increased significantly.
Alpha-tocopherol is a common form of vitamin E with the highest antioxidant activity.
(9,15) Vitamin E is generally used in l%-5% concentrations alpha-tocopherol or tocopherol acetate in over-the-counter products.
Effect of alpha-tocopherol treatment on activity of frozen thawed boar spermatozoa.
Editor's Note: "We propose that for many Americans, especially those relying exclusively upon food sources, that serum alpha-tocopherol concentrations may not be adequate," Dr.
Cook-Mills had done previous allergy research in mice showing alpha-tocopherol decreased lung inflammation, protecting healthy lung function and gamma-tocopherol increased lung inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness, a characteristic of asthma.
Effect of dietary levels of vitamin E (all-rac-tocopheryl acetate) with or without added fat on weanling pig performance and tissue alpha-tocopherol concentration.
Reference Baseline values values TBARS < 4.50 4.380 [+ or -] 0.153 [gamma]-Tocopherol 2.00-700 1.625 [+ or -] 0.160 [alpha]-Tocopherol 15-40 17.98 [+ or -] 0.920 [beta]-Carotene 0.30-3.00 0.983 [+ or -] 0.164 Co[Q.sub.10-TOTAL] 0.40-1.00 0.512 [+ or -] 0.164 Ubiquinol (3 months) TBARS 4.200 [+ or -] 0.241 [gamma]-Tocopherol 1.927 [+ or -] 0.304 [alpha]-Tocopherol 19.14 [+ or -] 0.872 [beta]-Carotene 0.804 [+ or -] 0.129 Co[Q.sub.10-TOTAL] 3.016 [+ or -] 0.307 * [micro]mol-L: micromol-liter; TBARS: thiobarbituric acids reactive substances; [gamma]-tocopherol: gamma-tocopherol; [alpha]-tocopherol: alpha-tocopherol; Co[Q.sub.10total] (ubiquinol + ubiquinone); data are expressed as mean [+ or -] standard error of the mean; * P < 0.0001.
Indeed the few studies, which have reported on the tocopherol concentration in adzuki beans all reported negligible concentrations of alpha-tocopherol and beta-tocopherol (Yoshida et al., 2008).