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a form of interferon that is produced endogenously and commercially for its pharmacological effects (including regulation of the immune system and antiviral and antineoplastic effects)

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Early studies with alpha-interferon produced objective response rates of up to 20% but, again, all were of short duration ([less than]10 mo).
A long-acting formulation of Intron A (interferon alfa-2b) for once-weekly monotherapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C who were not previously treated with alpha-interferon, have compensated liver disease, and are at least age 18 years.
The $96,843 grant is intended to study enhanced formulations of topically applied alpha-interferon for the treatment of genital herpes.
Alpha-interferon, a potent chemical that the immune system produces to fight viruses, can also keep cancer cells in check.
Other immune-therapy drugs, such as IL-2 and alpha-interferon, increase the number of NK cells in the body but do not protect them from these blasts of free radicals.
Estok led the oncology marketing efforts on multiple products including temozolomide, liposomal doxorubicin, and alpha-interferon.
Lazarovic expects Maxamine, now in Phase III clinical trials, to eventually be prescribed alongside IL-2 or alpha-interferon in "drug cocktails.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week approved the marketing of bacterially manufactured human alpha-interferon, making it the first member of the interferon family to be commercially available in the United States.