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We included one study with 39 participants (alpha-blocker 19, placebo with/without analgesics 20) [22].
What he and his team found "confirmed and expanded on the findings of ALLHAT." Apart from a few specific situations, "don't prescribe alpha-blockers. If a patient is on an alpha-blocker, consider prescribing an alternative," Dr.
(ii) As per current guidelines, the nonselective alpha-blocker phenoxybenzamine remains the gold standard for preoperative preparation of a pheochromocytoma resection.
Tolterodine treatment improves storage symptoms suggestive of overactive bladder in men treated with alpha-blockers. Eur Urol.
Only 9.8% (86) of the patients took an alpha-blocker. The distributions of prescription loop (10.7%) or thiazide diuretics (35.1%), beta-blockers (40.6%), and ACE inhibitors (12.6%) used are shown in [Table 1].
Alpha-blockers, frequently used to treat LUTS and benign prostatic hyperplasia, can increase the risk of falls in the elderly due to their class effect of orthostatic hypotension.
Kissei obtained Japanese regulatory approval of URIEF (silodosin), an alpha-blocker for dysuria associated with BPH in 2006.
Older men who take the selective alpha-blocker tamsulosin (Flomax) for benign prostate enlargement within 14 days of cataract surgery have a somewhat increased risk for eye complications, including lens loss, retinal detachment, and inflammation, according to a study in the May 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
It is recommended that patients are prepared (7-14 days) for surgery with an alpha-blocker like phenoxybenzamine and a beta-blocker if tachycardia is present.
"Conventional medical therapy for an enlarged prostate includes alpha-blocker drugs such as Flomax to relax the smooth muscle in the prostate.
"We know that alpha-blocker drugs and Proscar can do the first, and it looks like a combination of the two can do the second," Wilt says.
The study demonstrated clear superiority of spironolactone in achieving carefully measured ambulatory and clinic-recorded BP targets vs a beta-blocker or an alpha-blocker.
THE other type of drug used for treating BPH is called an alpha-blocker. Alpha-blockers relax the muscle, reduce the obstruction and improve symptoms almost immediately, though they can cause side-effects such as faintness, weakness and tiredness.