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the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed

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Such an occupation of memory may subsequently disengage all other cognitive capacities of the prefrontal cortex, potentially explaining the alpha wave activity.
The results showed that within 30 minutes of consumption of Suntheanine, there was significant generation of alpha waves in the occipital and parietal regions of the brain but no observable increase in theta waves.
Sequential Alpha Wave Appearance in Nurse and Patient
For a long time, people thought alpha waves represented the brain idling," Frohlich said.
Reson-8, for example, contains eight audio programs: three for inducing alpha waves, three for theta waves, and two for delta waves.
Long experimentation with alpha waves and biofeedback testing.
At a certain tempo alpha waves are generated, which have been associated with a deep sense of concentration and focus.
L-theanine is a really fascinating product that lowers blood pressure and produces what we call alpha waves in the brain that are very calm and peaceful," Stevens said.
It increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves in the brain.
The drink's blend of natural antioxidants and amino acids has been clinically shown to increase alpha waves in the brain, elevate serotonin and dopamine levels and reduce stress without drowsiness.
Thei very first recording, the five track EP Alpha Waves saw the four piece whisked off on a tour of Japan.
On regaining consciousness, the waves returned to the pattern seen when falling out of consciousness - with the Alpha waves peaking when the low-frequency waves were at their low point.
In subjects who responded well to the training, the EEG revealed characteristic changes in brain activity, more specifically in the alpha waves.