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(computer science) a first test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by the developer

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Currently, closed alpha testing is available for downloading on major websites.
NASDAQ:CPTL) has completed Alpha testing for switched local and long distance voice calling on its IP+ATM, packet-based network.
The alpha testing effort is providing valuable insights which are being incorporated to further improve the CUR Music application and website experience while we advance towards a Beta release and make preparations for the full product launch expected later this year.
The Alpha Tester Award recognizes a RE/MAX affiliate who has played an important role in the alpha testing of a technology product that RE/MAX Northern Illinois has created and is launching for the benefit of its network of 110 offices and 2,000 agents.
This Alpha Testing phase is being conducted at the Company's Research Park in Phoenix, where CPV modules are currently being manufactured by the Company as part of its product development program.
But more than just giving players a taste of what they could enjoy once "Destiny" releases, the alpha testing, which was conducted far from the release date of 2014, has allowed the developers to do all the testing that they needed.
announced today that they are alpha testing portions of DEACOM ERP version 15.
OTC:KCMH) announced that the company has begun alpha testing its first mobile media application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.
The company is at the stage in its development where the application of additional funds will provide for the rapid deployment of addition equipment required to complete the alpha testing of the Sproq Web Application Hosting Module Programming.
IFS, the global enterprise applications company, released information on successful Alpha testing of its IFS Aurora graphical user interface (GUI), designed to bring the usability of enterprise software like enterprise resources planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) to the next level, emulating the look, feel and simplicity of consumer applications.
The Web site is undergoing alpha testing and will launch in 2008.
Presently in alpha testing, PlotWatt has successfully delivered energy bill reductions in excess of 50% for pilot users.
BULLETIN BOARD: WGBS) , a leading developer of state-of-the-art gene expression, genotyping, cell biology and stem cell research systems, today announced that academic researchers have successfully demonstrated the performance of the company's SmartChip(TM) Real-Time PCR System in the initial phase of the platform's ongoing alpha testing program.
Subscribers can now incorporate Audit Integrity data into Universal Screen and Alpha Testing activities, as well as download ratings from the FactSet applications.