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(computer science) a first test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by the developer

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Nuvera Fuel Cells LLC, a provider of fuel cell power solutions for motive applications, has completed alpha testing for the Nuvera(R) 45 kW Fuel Cell Engine.
After extensive Alpha testing of the platform, with over 100 testers in 12 countries, the technology was proven to work and thus began the big push to get the word out.
Gregorec estimates alpha testing will begin in May with beta testing starting as early as June.
RTB House a global company that provides retargeting technology for e-commerce companies, today announced it will begin the alpha testing phase of its first MarTech innovations developed in its AI Marketing Lab, a new research division it launched in May 2018.
"Anthem" is expected to enter closed alpha testing this week.
The new service is currently a pilot in alpha testing with a number of firms, and Ahluwalia and Rudd expect to launch it this fall.
The app is currently undergoing Android-only alpha testing in Japan.
Heroes of the Storm went into open beta two weeks ago, following a lengthy closed alpha testing process.
Before the show, Nordson EDI ( had completed alpha testing on the technology, running polyolefins and styrenics, says Sam Iuliano, chief technologist, so it will introduce the technology for these applications.
According to a BitTorrent Labs blog, the app currently exists as a pre-alpha build and interested users are welcome to take part in the alpha testing process.
Currently in Alpha testing this new functionality is expected to be made available to Travelport-connected travel agents around the world in a phased roll-out which is scheduled to begin next month.
The company is still in the Alpha testing phase, but Karrain said that once it was more developed she envisioned recruiters contacting job seekers based on their strengths and interests.
Research and Development teams are always listening, asking us great questions and providing alpha testing not only internally but also at the user conference, which is a fantastic forum.
Initial content development has begun recently and it is anticipated that the site will be in the alpha testing phase in 2011.