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(computer science) a first test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by the developer

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From Gaimin's initial successful alpha test results, with 100 users in 12 countries, each mining only 4 hours each day, a user was rewarded with $1 per day, achieved targeted KPI.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 23, 2019-Bankex alpha tests MainWallet commission system
This paper proposes the use of a channel flow test as an alpha test of PCEs.
Communications and engagement methods currently in development will provide the "early majority" program directors with the information and experiences of the "early adopter" alpha test programs necessary to support them in their decision-making process.
The Cronbach's alpha test was used to determine the internal consistency because this test is generally used to measure the internal consistency or reliability of a psychometric instrument.
Sub-hypotheses study indicated that a significant amount of testing the value of 0.000 is smaller than the value of 0.05 means that the alpha test result confirms the assertion of research, knowledge and information between customers and providers of mobile commerce (Rightel) these findings are important research findings CL R.
To further expand the user group and explore new business opportunities, the Internet officeautomation product of WPS Office-Kuai Pan has started an alpha test and the mobile office software for iPad is to soon begin an open beta test.
An Alpha Test construct capitalizes on all existing datasets, whether or not contractor-derived, and not throttled by concerns over the color of money, contracts, or ownership.
Two measures of reliability were assessed: the Spearman correlation for test-retest reliability and the Cronbach alpha test for internal consistency.
The company is advising users not to be tempted to download or install the leaked version, which is an early build of Windows 7 (Build 7000) currently under alpha test with developers.
In Textbook Land, after you complete the development of the training package, you deliver it to a sample group (the alpha test), solicit feedback and revise the training accordingly.
N FFFL 24.43 (61%) 7.86 498 Control 17.26 (43%) 5.96 317 Mean difference 7.17 Alpha test reliability .88 Number of test items 40 Source: Upper Elementary Financial Fitness for Life: Examiner's Manual (New York: National Council on Economic Education, 2005).
and formed an alpha test program for its first product, Circuit-Space, an automated component placement tool.
Tripp adds that Albertsons is advancing with a proprietary phannacy application that lie asserts will put the chain in a position to manage customers "better than anyone else." Slated for an alpha test in late summer or early fall, the system -- being developed to improve accuracy, care and productivity -- could begin rolling out late this year or early in 2004.