alpha radiation

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the radiation of alpha particles during radioactive decay

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However, alpha radiation can't travel more than about 50 microns (1/20 of a millimeter) inside human tissue.
Lead pathologist Nat Cary said without that, the cause of death would not have been discovered in a post-mortem, adding he was unaware of any other case of someone being poisoned with alpha radiation in Britain, and probably the world.
The decay is loss of energy and in this instance it is in the form of alpha radiation. The alpha radiation causes a double strand break in the DNA of the cell.
The hydrogen gas illuminated by the quasar emits ultraviolet light known as Lyman alpha radiation. The distance to the quasar is so great (about 10 billion light-years) that the emitted light is "stretched" by the expansion of the universe from an invisible ultraviolet wavelength to a visible shade of violet by the time it reaches the Keck telescope and the LRIS spectrometer used for this discovery.
The substance has been used industrially for its alpha radiation in research and medicine, and as a heating source for space components, but in those forms it is not conducive to easy poisoning.
They also occur in nuclear reactions of natural alpha radiation and spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei.
For alpha radiation, substantial doses of radiation (0.5-1.3 Gy) are delivered to individual cells that are traversed by a single alpha particle no matter how low the dose to the whole body (Lorimore et al.
However, the penetrating ability of alpha radiation is limited; unless inhaled or ingested, alpha particles do not penetrate the human body.
Tel Aviv University professors Yona Keisari and Itzhak Kelson are about to start clinical trials of a pin-sized radioactive implant that beams short-range alpha radiation from within the tumour, a private TV news channel reported.
The sample was air-dried at room temperature for three days; a dental drill was used to strip around 50 [+ or -] 5 [micro]m from the inside and outside of the enamel surface to ensure that alpha radiation had no effect.
that alpha radiation is more harmful than beta and gamma radiation.
Alpha radiation of helium nuclei is harmful but loses kinetic energy easily, limiting its sphere to a few centimeters in the air.
and in principle it was possible to calculate the ratios of the various processes which could produce Lyman alpha radiation; i.e., collisions of [.sup.3][H.sup.+] (tritons), [.sup.1][H.sup.+] (protons), [.sup.3]H (tritium) and [.sup.1]H (hydrogen atoms) with the background [.sup.3]He gas in the chamber as well as the spatial distribution of the radiation produced.