alpha radiation

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the radiation of alpha particles during radioactive decay

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Dr Cary and Dr Swift agreed there was no record of such alpha radiation poisoning in the world previously and without its discovery before his death, they would not have tested, or been prepared for it.
Lead pathologist Nat Cary said without that, the cause of death would not have been discovered in a post-mortem, adding he was unaware of any other case of someone being poisoned with alpha radiation in Britain, and probably the world.
The alpha radiation causes a double strand break in the DNA of the cell.
Knowing the distance to the quasar, the researchers calculated the wavelength for Lyman alpha radiation from that distance and built a special filter for LRIS to get an image at that wavelength.
In the United States, compliance is assessed indirectly by analyzing the U activity and the gross alpha radioactivity (GAR), a measure of emitted alpha radiation that does not identify the specific isotopes involved.
Alpha radiation from sediment was not used in the calculation, as about 50 [micro]m was removed from the outer side of the tooth.
Here we are interested in where during the slowing down process Lyman alpha radiation is produced.
Wherever a 114 atom lands, its nucleus will decay within seconds, releasing alpha radiation.
21) Adding a very small (1-2 mGy) gamma-ray dose to the protracted alpha radiation dose prevented alpha-radiation-induced lung cancers in rats that inhaled the alpha-emitting radionuclide plutonium-239 in an insoluble dioxide form, [sup.
Government scientists are still pursuing a Russian aircraft to search for traces of alpha radiation - the type emitted by polonium 210.
Alpha radiation from the element polonium 210 was detected in Alexander Litvinenko's urine a few hours before his death in London's University College Hospital on Thursday night.
A large quantity of alpha radiation from polonium 210 was detected in Alexander Litvinenko's urine, apparently just a few hours prior to his death in University College Hospital last night.
Edgar Wakayama reported to the department in August 2002 that DU is mutagenic, carcinogenic, and targets kidneys and bone as well as lymph nodes; and that lung damage from alpha radiation is well documented.
Burning contaminated vegetation releases radioactive smoke that can be inhaled, exposing lung and body tissue to damaging alpha radiation.