alpha particle

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a positively charged particle that is the nucleus of the helium atom

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Effects of alpha particle radiation on gene expression in human pulmonary epithelial cells.
1995; Samuels 1966) and the potential for a single alpha particle traversing a stem cell to induce chromosomal instability (Kadhim et al.
Alpharadin is a novel bone-seeking therapeutic based on the alpha particle emitter radium-223 and may target skeletal metastases from multiple cancer types, as well as primary bone cancers.
Since alpha particles only travel short distances of between 2 and 5 cell diameters, there is less chance of damaging healthy tissue with this type of therapy.
2 MeV (an acknowledged overestimate because of the infinitely thick source geometry), we calculated a radiation dose rate averaged over a 50-[micro]m tissue thickness surrounding the implant (adequate to capture all of the alpha particle energy emitted by both uranium- and thorium-series isotopes) to be 4.
The scientists wrote: ``Our studies provide clear evidence that a single alpha particle can induce mutations and chromosome aberrations in cells that received no direct radiation exposure to their DNA.
8:50 "Low alpha lead and microtome sliced lead for assessment of alpha particle emissions for computer chip manufacturing.
SERTEST is a turn-key solution for radiation testing (accelerated and real-time) and alpha particle counting, covering both complete electronic systems and individual packaged memory and logic devices.
Tenders are invited for Supply of flow meter for alpha particle irradiator, cat.
Oxygen is produced by the combination of another alpha particle and carbon.
Instead of sending energy from a magnet to a subatomic particle, the particle (an alpha particle in this case) is pumping energy into the magnets.
These include microparticles, liposomes, and methods to enhance the potency of therapeutic antibodies and other tumor-targeting molecules by linking them to the alpha particle emitter thorium-227.
He energized the national and international fusion communities to focus their attention on stability and transport issues associated with fast particles, and to develop techniques to observe alpha particle related phenomena in present experiments.
Each of those putative atoms of element 115 disintegrated within fractions of a second by spontaneously ejecting an alpha particle, which contains two protons and two neutrons.