alpha decay

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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of an alpha particle

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Breve tratado filosofico sobre razones y pasiones, Alpha Decay, Barcelona, 2016, 155 pp.
Helium cannot be manufactured, it is produced through radioactive alpha decay in rocks although I happen to know that it can be captured, in a sandwich bag perhaps, from radioactive tritium.
It starts with introductory concepts (such as the atom and modern physical concepts), then describes nuclear properties, radioactive decay kinetics, radiotracers, nuclear forces, nuclear structures, alpha decay, beta decay, nuclear reactions, fission, nuclear reactions in nature such as in nuclear astrophysics, analytical applications of nuclear reactions, reactors and accelerators, the transuranium elements, nuclear reactor chemistry, interaction of radium with matter, radiation detectors and radiochemical techniques.
The purpose of this research is to model nuclear reactor alpha decay through the general potential v(r) = - g[e.
286) says that the alpha decay of bismuth-209 was not listed in any reference table.
Some of the unique VIPER(TM) algorithms available through EARN(TM) include VIEESP, a statistical prediction algorithm which employs a short-term, predictive model that formulates expectations of the price and volume of a stock in the next one to three minutes, and INLINE, a mode which works best for stocks with high alpha decay, that participates at a higher percentage of non-block volume by being less patient for strong trade signals.
Religion, razon y espiritualidad, Alpha Decay, Barcelona, 2014, 163 pp.