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the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed

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4] reported that the fast alpha activity significantly increased due to the inhalation of agarwood incense.
30) investigated 21 patients with chronic hepatitis C and a 6-member control group and determined higher TNF alpha levels than in the control group, while TNF alpha activity at tissue level was correlated with HAI.
30), alpha activity detected in euthymia was found to be lower in cases with BD than that in healthy controls.
The higher the alpha activity before the passive training, the better the people learned.
When these movements provoke fragmentation of sleep architecture, they are associated with K-complexes or with alpha activity (cortical micro-awakenings).
Kubitz and Mott (1996) found no change in either alpha or beta activity from pre-to post-exercise, but did observe reductions in alpha activity and increases in beta activity during exercise.
Then, Foxe says, alpha activity dropped precipitously if a person had gotten theanine--especially in combination with caffeine--indicating that idling neurons had suddenly revved up their activity.
When the subjects took theanine prior to the task, they showed a surprising decrease in alpha wave background activity, but a prominent increase in the important alpha activity related to the attention-requiring tasks.
A particular form of spatial reorganization of alpha activity is noted in tumor damage to mediobasal regions of the temporal lobe with the involvement of the hippocampus and close-lying structures in the pathological process.
Hatfield went on to complete a series of studies to more thoroughly investigate changes in alpha activity as elite marksmen prepared to fire their rifles.
It is true that alpha activity is not solely modulated by visual activity but although we classified other dream activities the strongest correlation was found for visual imagery.
In addition, the unopposed alpha activity led to vasoconstriction, thereby worsening peripheral blood flow, exacerbating diabetic foot problems, promoting erectile dysfunction, and causing fatigue.
Patients with Alzheimer's disease tend to show a slowing of alpha activity below 8 Hz, a decrease in alpha activity, a decrease in the alpha to theta ratio, an increase in theta activity, and an increase in delta activity.