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the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed

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(45) This makes it somewhat difficult to obtain strong conclusions about the impact of alpha activity, power and the location of these factors within neural activity on a particular task.
However, this seems unlikely given the observed dynamics of alpha activity over training sessions and their relation to neglect symptoms.
[4] reported that the fast alpha activity significantly increased due to the inhalation of agarwood incense.
(30) investigated 21 patients with chronic hepatitis C and a 6-member control group and determined higher TNF alpha levels than in the control group, while TNF alpha activity at tissue level was correlated with HAI.
Central alpha activity, corresponding to peak power values, which are found to be lower in the remission period in cases with psychotic findings in the mania period, are associated with coding and recognition processes (29).
The samples diverged from the norms for total alpha activity and natural uranium specified in Ordinance #9, according to Maria Stancheva from the regional health inspectorate.
"An exciting question now is to what extent the alpha activity can be deliberately influenced with biofeedback.
Kariuki et al., "IRF5 haplotypes demonstrate diverse serological associations which predict serum interferon alpha activity and explain the majority of the genetic association with systemic lupus erythematosus," Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, vol.
Alpha activity was defined in a frequency range of 7.0 - 12.0 Hz., with a minimum peak-to-peak amplitude of 5 [micron]v, and grouped in four scales as a function of the percentage of alpha events in the NREM phase II and deep sleep phases: 1) 0-25%, 2) 26-50%, 3) 51-75% and 4) 76-100% (MacLean, Lue, & Moldofksy, 1995).
The display showed green bars with increase and red with decrease in amounts of alpha activity, respectively.
Kubitz and Mott (1996) found no change in either alpha or beta activity from pre-to post-exercise, but did observe reductions in alpha activity and increases in beta activity during exercise.
The beneficial changes observed during SKY treatment of depression are: i) increase in the amplitude of alpha activity in the brain, ii) a central midline theta activity, iii) the resting EEC demonstrated an increased focal beat activity, iv) increase in galvanic skin resistance (GSR value), v) an increased coherence in the 6th cycle predominantly in the frontocentral regions in the beta band and posteriorly in the alpha band.
Then, Foxe says, alpha activity dropped precipitously if a person had gotten theanine--especially in combination with caffeine--indicating that idling neurons had suddenly revved up their activity.
When the subjects took theanine prior to the task, they showed a surprising decrease in alpha wave background activity, but a prominent increase in the important alpha activity related to the attention-requiring tasks.31 This critical result suggests that theanine has important and specific effects on the brain circuits involved in focusing attention on critical tasks.