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Synonyms for alpha

the alpha and omega

Words related to alpha

the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet

the beginning of a series or sequence

Related Words

first in order of importance

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early testing stage of a software or hardware product

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The most prevalent alpha deletion in our cohort was - [alpha] 3.7 which is found in 92 patients (32.7%) with single gene in 73 (25.5%), whereas double gene in 19 (6.6%) respectively.
If you are planning to buy mutual fund shares, you can use the alpha as a tool to evaluate and rank the funds before you decide to invest.
A strategy for high-level expression of soluble and functional human interferon alpha as a GST-fusion protein in E.
The alpha2 gene transcription amounts are two to three times more than alpha 1 gene transcription in alpha gene cluster.
Under the agreement announced in August 2011, Alpha would exchange five new own shares for each seven Eurobank shares, or 0.714 Alpha shares for each Eurobank share, the two banks said then.Country: , GreeceSector: Banking/Financial ServicesType: MergerFinancing: All-stockStatus: Agreed
Corrie Hunter-Marable Alpha Kappa Alpha Valdosta, Ga.
The SDF alpha is the risk adjusted excess return on the fund, relative to that of a benchmark portfolio that is assumed to be correctly priced by the SDF.
Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA is a next-generation telematics system that seeks "harmony between people, society and cars" with three overlying concepts.
The earlier observations examined absorption of quasar emissions by clouds of gas deep in space, and the findings suggested that alpha, also called the fine-structure constant, has grown slightly since the universe was young (SN: 10/6/01, p.
First was the crucial nature of planning--not simply planning as an overview of what milestones and events need to happen, but planning to discuss and address every aspect of how, when, and where alpha contracting negotiations take place.
1 in the latest ranking by Institutional Investor's Alpha of the world's most highly paid hedge fund managers.
Back in 1992, a group of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers from various colleges found themselves in graduate school in Pittsburgh.
(OTC BB:EBIZ), a leading manufacturer and e-commerce distributor of Linux-based computer systems, has introduced new high-performance Element-L Alpha systems starting at just $1,599.
(OTC BB:EBIZ), Scottsdale, Ariz., a manufacturer and e-commerce distributor of Linux-based computer systems, has introduced their new high-performance Element-L Alpha systems starting at just $1,599.
A clinical trial of an oral form of interferon alpha for relapsing-remitting MS is underway at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.