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a stout staff with a metal point

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If the waters and the wine don't stir your wanderlust, there is hiking, preferably with a pair of Alpenstock walking sticks that every task-oriented German trekker, with his well-worn boots and weathered backpack, seems to carry.
deep enough truly, but so full of clefts that half the journey has to be done with ladder and hatchet."" Browning, in his reply, reworks Ruskin's disapproving account of this arduous journey into a celebration of the dynamism of his poetry: "You ought, I think, to keep pace with the thought tripping from ledge to ledge of my 'glaciers,' as you call them; not stand poking your alpenstock into the holes, and demonstrating that no foot could have stood there;--suppose it sprang over there?" (12) While Ruskin makes painstaking progress with "ladder and hatchet," exhaustively going over each word and line of Browning's poetry, the poet himself presents verse as the freewheeling "tripping" of "thought" and "foot," a mental (and metrical) motion which, as Herbert F.
Mayne fetched an alpenstock from a corner of the hall; it was decorated with a long succession of names, which ribbon-like, were twisted round and round it, carved in the wood.
It carries a knapsack on its back, and an alpenstock in its hand." (21) Worth noting in this passage is the peculiarity of the pronoun use; with the unusually disdainful use of "it," Edwards virtually denies gender to a creature who has apparently infringed upon all boundaries of what is proper and decent for females and males alike.
And the young Tannhauser, the young Siegfried, this young Balder beautiful strode, climbing down the rocks, marching and swinging with his alpenstock. And immediately after the youth came a maiden with hair on the wind and her shirt--breasts open, striding in corduroy breeches, rumpled worsted stockings, thick boots, a knapsack and alpenstock.
When out of a total, determined, sleepless opposition to the alien ambiance and the whole adult society Randolph (sporting knickerbockers, red stockings, a provocative cravat, and brandishing an oversize sharp alpenstock to boot) cries (specifies) in his hard, truculent little voice for all the world to hear: "'I'm going up the Alps!'"--"'This is the way!'" (James 1878 [1985]: 7), the announcement, very simply, just because he is just a child, does not impress anybody in the slightest.
Mountain Europeans gave the walking stick the name, Alpenstock, meaning Alpine stick.
He went uninjured, too,--I had the murderous impulse to harpoon him in the back with my alpenstock, but as I raised the weapon the disposition left me; I found I hadn't the heart to kill him, he was such a joyous, innocent, good-natured numscull [sic]' (p.
Blackmur, when you use your water wings, you don't use them up!" Meanwhile, in the cabana, over and over like Punch and Judy, the alpenstock comes down again on Trotsky.