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a stout staff with a metal point

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The little boy had now converted his alpenstock into a vaulting pole, by the aid of which he was springing about in the gravel and kicking it up not a little.
And I'll tell you her name"; and he leveled his alpenstock at his sister.
Winterbourne presently released the child, who departed, dragging his alpenstock along the path.
Browning, in his reply, reworks Ruskin's disapproving account of this arduous journey into a celebration of the dynamism of his poetry: "You ought, I think, to keep pace with the thought tripping from ledge to ledge of my 'glaciers,' as you call them; not stand poking your alpenstock into the holes, and demonstrating that no foot could have stood there;--suppose it sprang over there?
When out of a total, determined, sleepless opposition to the alien ambiance and the whole adult society Randolph (sporting knickerbockers, red stockings, a provocative cravat, and brandishing an oversize sharp alpenstock to boot) cries (specifies) in his hard, truculent little voice for all the world to hear: "'I'm going up the Alps
Mountain Europeans gave the walking stick the name, Alpenstock, meaning Alpine stick.
He went uninjured, too,--I had the murderous impulse to harpoon him in the back with my alpenstock, but as I raised the weapon the disposition left me; I found I hadn't the heart to kill him, he was such a joyous, innocent, good-natured numscull [sic]' (p.
Shail has a yard at one end of Castlmorton Common-at the opposite end is the base of trainer/rider Tim Stephenson, who took the first of the young-horse maidens with Alpenstock, a non-thoroughbred six-year-old whose dam, Altaraza, was a top Anglo-Arab performer in France.