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any high mountain

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On this side of the Alps there was not a school or college in which it could be learned.
Its snow-clad mountains one hears so much about are only seen occasionally, and then in the distance, the Alps. Tahoe is from ten to eighteen miles wide, and its mountains shut it in like a wall.
But you ought to be ashamed to be jawing here like this, in a red blanket, on a forty-foot scaffold on top of the Alps. And no end of people down here to boot; this isn't any place for an exhibition of temper."
The highest telephone in the world is on the peak of Monte Rosa, in the Italian Alps, very nearly three miles above the level of the sea.
After detailed discussion finally 27 Projects were approved consist of Crop, Animal, Social and Natural Sciences by Board of Directors (BOD) of Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP) for funding under ALP.
With NEC ALP Pro we've focused on building a forward thinking, future-ready analytics platform for our customers that enables them to make informed decisions to improve store performance and meet their goals, said Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy, NEC Display Solutions of America.
Yusuf Zafar presided over the Board of Directors (BoD) of Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP) at PARC (HQs) on Wednesday to technically evaluate the project proposals.
While presiding over the meeting Chairman PARC said that the ALP is an endowment fund established at PARC with the support of Government of USA to use for activities/projects in line with the Pakistan's long-term research/development goals for the agriculture sector.
A two-judge bench headed by Justice Aijaz ul Ahsan issued a notice to the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) regarding the case on the request submitted by ALP chief Justice (retd) Wajihuddin.
A 10-month-old female patient was referred to Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic, with the objective of investigation and treatment when increased ALP levels were found in laboratory tests ordered by her pediatrician, who was following the patient because of closed fontanelle and eruption of six teeth in one month.
Khaing Myo Tun was charged under Section 505 (b) and (c) of the penal code after the ALP had issued a statement in April 2016, accusing the army of human rights abuses in Rakhine State.
The findings are consistent with macro-ALP, a rare benign condition caused by immunoglobulin-bound ALP reducing its clearance.
Various methods have been reported for measuring ALP isoenzymes, among which immunoradioactive assay, [1,2] immunoassay, [3] isoelectric focusing, [4] electrophoresis techniques, [5,6] monoclonal antibody, [7] inhibition with chemical compounds such as urea, [8] heat inactivation and precipitation techniques [8,9] can be enumerated.
This is the eighth subdivision rolled out by ALP in Nuvali and the one closest to the Laguna campus of Miriam College, ALP managing director Mike Jugo said in a press briefing.