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any high mountain

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The ALP attended four incidents and was deployed at three.
The ALP, or community police, was established in August 2010 to protect villages and districts around country where army and police have limited presence.
This is the entry route from Pakistan, but now the Taliban are welcome to come," Shinak, 40, a new member of the ALP, joked as he brandished his machinegun.
A few researches have looked at the effect of heavy metals on pure ALP (in vitro), however, these studies are either on immobilized ALP or ALP from non-soil bacterial source (green crab) [9,17,18].
Labor's Conflict also argues the ALP is more distant from workers organisationally than at any time in its history.
Swiss geodesists, who have already been measuring the Alps with highest accuracy for decades, have observed, however, that the Alp summits, as compared to low land, rise up to one millimetre per year.
The Orange Application package for ALP is designed to run on ALP and will minimize time for marketing ALP-based mobile phones.
Serum ALP activity was measured by the method of the Japanese Society of Clinical Chemistry (6).
The IRS found that the value of the assets transferred to ALP and the LLC, rather than A's interest in these entities, was includible in the gross estate under Sec.
When I turn back to the screen the dog is gone, and Alp is rubbing his sleepy face about to set himself down on the step.
He is right to highlight the poor performance of ALP parliamentarians, but the fact is that the ALP needs a completely different kind of staffer as well.
Steve Gardiner, currently director of training and development at Purdue Pharma, first facilitated an ALP session in the late 1990s while at Champion International.
These can be separated by electrophoresis and differ in their resistance to heat inactivation, with placental and tumorassociated ALP being the most resistant.
SHARAN (PAN): The Afghan Local Police (ALP) had been playing active role to ensure peace in southeastern Paktika province and deployment of more ALP officials would further bolster the security of the volatile region, a officials said.
May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ALP Life Sciences, LLC today announced that its ALP High 3 Omega 3 fish oil supplement in triglyceride form, with 1200 mg of EPA and DHA in a daily serving of two soft gels, is now available at ALPLifeSciences.