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loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers

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According to its developmental stage in utero, scalp ACC may present at birth as a deep ulceration, superficial erosion, or a healed, alopecic scar.
The scalp was also treated locally with Oleum Acidi Salicilicy 5% under occlusion with rapid decrease of desquamation, but separated alopecic areas with slight scaling was still persistent.
When the lesion occurs early in pregnancy, it may heal before delivery leaving a congenital atrophic alopecic scar.
Black dots and short broken or dystrophic hairs are not specific to tinea capitis, as they can be observed also in alopecic areata and trichotillomania but could be used as a sign of severity of tinea capitis.
The skin overlying and surrounding this mass was thickened and alopecic.
Three months later, the area was completely healed with a small alopecic patch with surrounding normal hairy scalp.
While she lived in Italy, she had exhibited alopecic, pruritic, and crusty skin lesions, mainly around the face and on the forearms and hind legs.
More frequent clinical features consisted of crusting and scaling alopecic areas, with patchy hair loss without significant itchiness.
Clinical and immunological evaluation of ten canines affected with generalized demodicosis showed a similar lesion pattern as described for the disease, such as, alopecic areas, pruritus, and diffuse erithema and in less degree crusts lesions, excoriations, foliculitis and ulcers.
The overlying skin is mostly darkly pigmented, smooth and partially or completely alopecic. Melanomas in cattle occur on head, neck, leg and trunk (Fubini and Ducharme, 2017).
Clinical improvement could be seen after just two weeks of treatment, with a decrease in the number of lesions and size of alopecic areas.
We were contacted by a local farmer who kept a cheetah on his farm, which exhibited a slow growing alopecic dermal mass at the height of the left shoulder blade that began to grow approximately 1.5 years earlier (Figure 1).