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Synonyms for aloofness

dissociation from one's surroundings or worldly affairs

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Synonyms for aloofness

indifference by personal withdrawal


Related Words

a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner

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References in classic literature ?
The only cause for surprise was his gloomy aloofness before her clearly expressed welcome.
She was thin, too thin for his taste, and she carried herself with an aloofness to which he was unaccustomed.
She could scarcely endure the aloofness with which he had withdrawn into himself.
In her white dress, with a pale green ribbon about the waist and a wreath of ivy on her hat, she had the same Diana-like aloofness as when she had entered the Beaufort ball-room on the night of her engagement.
The charm, which he had tried to disown, when under the effect of it, the beauty, the character, the aloofness, which he had been determined not to feel, now possessed him wholly; and when, as happened by the nature of things, he had exhausted his memory, he went on with his imagination.
Casaubon's words had been quite reasonable, yet they had brought a vague instantaneous sense of aloofness on his part.
Too long had he cultivated reticence, aloofness, and moroseness.
"That stuck-up doll-face," was the way the girls of the neighbourhood described her; and though she earned their enmity by her beauty and aloofness, she none the less commanded their respect.
Jasper Dale, under all his shyness and aloofness, possessed a nature full of delicate romance and poesy, which, denied expression in the common ways of life, bloomed out in the realm of fancy and imagination.
It slammed in a statement the lies and allegations of the Qatari media which is adamant on targeting the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and peoples, thus reflecting the bankruptcy of the rogue Qatari regime, aloofness from its Gulf and Arab environment, for the sake of hostile agendas targeting countries in the region.
Whereas Mbeki quit after a recall by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) over alleged aloofness and indifference to the plight of the citizens, Zuma became the quintessential dean of the corrupt.
Her poetry is a reflection of feminine perspective on love, romance, aloofness, separation and intimacy.
It's as though he came already conscious of the abject failure of displays of strength, aloofness and fear in leadership role.
'These are in addition to the foisting of siege mentality on Nigerians as well as presidential aloofness to important issues of state thereby resulting in the escalation violence, killings and daily bloodlettings in our country.
On the other hand, subordinates criticised male bosses for too much stubbornness, aloofness and a lack of empathy and personal interest in their staff, said #381aacute#269kovaacute, adding that six out of ten women also resent the unwillingness of male bosses to accept the opinions of subordinate women.Nevertheless, both men and women generally concurred that men are better in management posts due to their ability to act in a rational and pragmatic manner.