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Synonyms for aloofness

dissociation from one's surroundings or worldly affairs

Synonyms for aloofness

indifference by personal withdrawal


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a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner

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Some solace is to be found in the company of young Kaito, despite his seeming aloofness to her romantic overtures.
Her comment that every woman has suffered the bruising aloofness and mistrust and suspicion of men, especially clerics, is quite true among the hierarchy
Nick Forbes, however, has had nothing to do with our city's opposition to cuts and displays a staggering level of aloofness and ignorance in relation to local anticuts campaigning.
Michelle has just about had it with husband Steve's disinterest and general aloofness, unaware he's actually suffering from depression.
Loretta, age 15, monikered Duchess for her aloofness lives with aunts and her widowed father, while holding day jobs and enjoying an active social life with friends.
Former child star Fanning, who hails from deepest Georgia, should be congratulated on her accent but it's Sturridge - a picture of haughty aloofness - who lingers in the memory.
He slips into a coma and the finger of suspicion points to Nate when he reacts to his boyfriend's condition with aloofness.
I'm not searching for acknowledgement, aloofness is my protection," Bindra wrote in his autobiography, "A Shot At History: My Obsessive Journey To Olympic Gold.
While the Congress managers hope to push a chopped and chiseled unit to assume a greater political role, weak organisation and aloofness among the voters remain tough challenges to deal with.
Summary: The unraveling of Ukraine has brought to the fore three major foreign policy challenges for the West: the danger of isolating Russia, the conundrum of China's aloofness, and the pervasive lack of fresh ideas.
The report mentioned that Pietersen's cricketing ability often led to the overlooking of his worst traits of selfishness, aloofness, arrogance, and rudeness, adding that his mistake and probably his greatest flaw was not to adapt and soften as his powers of greatness began to decrease.
And Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock appears warmer, despite his aloofness.
ISLAMABAD -- Former ambassador Khalid Salim has said that due to number of challenges faced by the country a concrete foreign policy is needed to avoid international aloofness.
Pull off simple aloofness with added punk elements in these pieces.
The causes are primarily the Ummah's aloofness from the true faith and tarnishing the religious principles and falsifying its objectives.