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Synonyms for aloofness

dissociation from one's surroundings or worldly affairs

Synonyms for aloofness

indifference by personal withdrawal


Related Words

a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner

References in classic literature ?
The only cause for surprise was his gloomy aloofness before her clearly expressed welcome.
She was thin, too thin for his taste, and she carried herself with an aloofness to which he was unaccustomed.
She could scarcely endure the aloofness with which he had withdrawn into himself.
In her white dress, with a pale green ribbon about the waist and a wreath of ivy on her hat, she had the same Diana-like aloofness as when she had entered the Beaufort ball-room on the night of her engagement.
The charm, which he had tried to disown, when under the effect of it, the beauty, the character, the aloofness, which he had been determined not to feel, now possessed him wholly; and when, as happened by the nature of things, he had exhausted his memory, he went on with his imagination.
Casaubon's words had been quite reasonable, yet they had brought a vague instantaneous sense of aloofness on his part.
Too long had he cultivated reticence, aloofness, and moroseness.
That stuck-up doll-face," was the way the girls of the neighbourhood described her; and though she earned their enmity by her beauty and aloofness, she none the less commanded their respect.
Jasper Dale, under all his shyness and aloofness, possessed a nature full of delicate romance and poesy, which, denied expression in the common ways of life, bloomed out in the realm of fancy and imagination.
The party said it was appalling and highly disheartening that a President can only visit his distressed citizens after a widespread outcry over his aloofness and not out of any genuine concern for their wellbeing.
On the possible mediation of the Progressive Socialist Party between the Lebanese Forces and the Future Movement, he said, "They do not need any mediation, although what happened recently brought some aloofness.
So I have developed a level of aloofness, an anti-hug vibe Comedian Frank Skinner
Khan, angered by minister Patnam Mahender Reddy's aloofness and preference for appointing others to posts of party office bearers, had set himself ablaze in Reddy's presence in his hometown, Tandur, on August 30.
When the boys were 12 years old they completed on-line tests that measured geek-like traits including a high non-verbal IQ, a strong focus on personal interests, and social aloofness.
Surely, not even Donald Trump would have acted with the complete lack of human understanding that Mrs May has displayed with her extraordinary aloofness at such a heartbreaking time.