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an establishment maintained at public expense in order to provide housing for the poor and homeless

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The prison, the insane asylum, the squalid chamber of the almshouse, the manufactory where the demon of machinery annihilates the human soul, and the cotton field where God's image becomes a beast of burden; to these and every other scene where man wrongs or neglects his brother, the apostles of humanity have penetrated.
On the one side is the palace, on the other are the almshouse and "silent poor." The myriads who built the pyramids to be the tombs of the Pharaohs were fed on garlic, and it may be were not decently buried themselves.
So I have made arrangements in my will for turning my house into an almshouse, in which old people who have not Moreau's fierce independence can end their days.
On all his estates Pierre saw with his own eyes brick buildings erected or in course of erection, all on one plan, for hospitals, schools, and almshouses, which were soon to be opened.
The residue of the property was to be devoted to the erection and endowment of almshouses for old men, to be called Featherstone's Alms-Houses, and to be built on a piece of land near Middlemarch already bought for the purpose by the testator, he wishing--so the document declared--to please God Almighty.
"Peter was a bad liver, and almshouses won't cover it, when he's had the impudence to show it at the last."
"All that could be done for them in the English provinces was, to send them to the almshouses, or bind them out to taskmasters.
'I had some idea,' he said, 'of providing for your mother in a pleasant part of the country--(he had a presentation to some almshouses on the borders of Cornwall, which had occurred to him more than once)--but as you want to be together, I must do something else for her.
Having infused by persistent importunities some sort of heat into the chilly interest of several licensed victuallers (the acquaintances once upon a time of her late unlucky husband), Mrs Verloc's mother had at last secured her admission to certain almshouses founded by a wealthy innkeeper for the destitute widows of the trade.
In that event, no doubt, he would establish the Jarndyce Institution and the Summerson Almshouses, and a little annual Corporation Pilgrimage to St.
And now a rare opportunity has arisen for an older person to occupy a vacant almshouse within the complex in Upper Northgate Street.
| Almondbury Almshouses Charity, works to |tree(s) within conservation area, Almshouse Estate, off School Lane, Almondbury.
LLANRWST'S historic Almshouse has closed its doors for the last time.
The trusteeship of the William Jones's Almshouse Charity, founded in 1614, has been transferred from the Haberdashers' Company to Bristol Charities.