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a person who gives alms

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his 11th homily on Acts deplores the poverty of half the populations of Antioch and Constantinople, while his personal philanthropies earned him the extra nickname John the Almsgiver, further vindication of Julian's complaint that Christians 'out-charitied' the pagans.
If Pontius did not invent the basic facts about Cyprian's generosity as an almsgiver, what can we say about his reporting of Cyprian's motives?
In the short term, corporate and military interests may act as an almsgiver for chronically impoverished municipalities.
Rosalie Jette is constructed as the heroic almsgiver, dedicating her life to the assistance of others with little or no thought for herself.
Laurent has chosen a subset of lives, and although one could quibble over the criteria used for selection, the twenty-five lives included (of Margaret, Nicholas, Lawrence, Edward the Confessor (two versions), Thais, Giles, Thomas of Canterbury by Benoit, Catherine, Edmond the Martyr (two versions), George, Osith, Faith, Modwenna, Andrew, Audrey, Barlaam and Josaphat, Eustace, John the Almsgiver, Mary Magdalene, the Seven Sleepers, Alban, Edmond Rich, and Richard) constitute almost half of the extant lives written in England.