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a person who gives alms

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While he could appeal to the teaching of the Scriptures, he also had to appeal to more self-centered motives, such as the reward the almsgiver would receive from its recipients' willingness to pray for the salvation of their benefactors.
The Puritan colonialists were are that appearances deceive: the almsgiver, the churchgoer, the virtuous maiden, the upright minister, each may still be harboring beneath the sunshine musty and foul desires.
John the Almsgiver, patriarch of Alexandria, lamented the Persian conquest of Jerusalem not for one day, not for a week, not for a month, but for a full year.
John the Almsgiver (early thirteenth century), based on the Latin Vita Sancti Joannis Eleemosynarii of Anastasius the Librarian,(17) contains an episode (1301-494) in which Nicetas, Augustal Praefect of Egypt, attempts to persuade John, the Patriarch, to donate the contents of his treasury to him.
They passed through the old iron gateway leading to the church, and in the cool interior, contemplating the massive Titian which depicts John the Almsgiver and admiring the organ screen with Marco Vecellio's painting of Doge Leonardo Donato, they witnessed a superb and solemn Vespers service for another St John whose feast it then was - John the Baptist.
The choice of terms in Good Deeds's description furthers the connection between almsgiver and beggar: "If ye had parfytely chered me, / Your boke of counte full redy had be" (501-2).
Given that John Moschos and Sophronios are known to have written a life of St John the Almsgiver, patriarch of Alexandria, who died on 11 November 619 or 620 (most probably the latter), the former date seems excluded: it was then in September 634 that Sophronios arrived in the Holy Land with the relics of his friend-from Rome.