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making voluntary contributions to aid the poor


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A common point of comparison is the fact that, unlike nuns, monks occasionally request meat or fish (mas-malu) when laity invite them for an alms-giving ceremony.
Alms-giving is of particular interest because, so to speak, it turns the tables on God.
An alms-giving ceremony in the morning is followed by a music festival at Sanam Luang.
These related to Islamic Sharia law, the formation of Zakat, or alms-giving, and religious endowment institutions.
From there, they fly to Laos for two nights, to witness a Laotian Buddhist alms-giving ceremony, visit sacred temples, taste rice wine in a local village, stroll through the last royal palace, shop the Hmong night market, and sail across the Mekong River to the Buddha-filled Pak Ou Caves.
Still others will draw on references to prayer, fasting and alms-giving that we find in the scriptures.
Tzedakah aims to meet the same kind of needs that charity and alms-giving aim to meet, but it includes a strong notion of a duty that translates into the authority of the community to tax people to meet the needs of the poor.
Kuwait, 24 August: Jazeera Airways said on Monday it would support Kuwait Zakat House, an official alms-giving agency, during the holy month of Ramadan through the airline 's website.
As the second annual report put it: "There must be no air of alms-giving, no professional philanthropy, and no display of what can be done by cheerless mediocrity.
first locates a good deal of Jesus' ministry in Judea, then elaborates the significance of alms-giving in the Johannine community and the relation of Jesus to the family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus located in Bethany (etymology, "house of the poor"), with stress on concern for the poor and the existence of a common fund (In 12:1-8).
There are five pillars of Islam, namely the profession of faith (Shahadah), ritual prayer (Salah), fasting (Sawm), alms-giving (Zakah), and pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj).
So their alms-giving was, to anybody familiar with the many mistakes made by well-meaning Westerners in post-colonial Africa, yet another example of a triumph of naive hope over hard experience.