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a tray for collecting the offering from a congregation


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HISTORY Alms box used to collect coins in Newgate prison from 1400 to 1893 CHARACTER Tommy Ferens, who lived in poverty and used to stand half way across the Swing Bridge to avoid being arrested GOOD DEEDS Elise Bath, a student curator, with an alms dish used in Whitburn Street chapel in the 1800s; right, Alison Kay, founder of the People's Kitchen in 1988
The 27-year-old claimed his first Major title at the venue where every player wants to win - the Old Course at St Andrews - and he will receive an engraved alms dish and a jeroboam of Mot & Chandon champagne in recognition of his fantastic achievement.
A communion cup and footed paten of 1549 (St Mary Aldermary London) and alms dish of 1548 (St George's Chapel, Windsor) illustrate the liturgical changes being gradually brought into use in the 16th century.
The altar cross of silver, silver-gilt and rock crystal can be seen in the exhibition as well as a silver-gilt alms dish, with applied St Esprit and tongues of fire--the symbols of Guildford Cathedral.
A 17th-century Nuremburg alms dish, depicting Adam and Eve picking an apple, and an 18th-century pewter marriage dish, are also for sale by this dealer.
The communion plate consists of a cup, paten, flagon, six candlesticks, an alms dish and an altar dish exquisitely engraved by Simon Gribelin after Agostino Caracci's copy of his brother Annibale's Lamentation for the Dead Christ, derived in turn from an engraving by Francois de Poilly.