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Synonyms for alms

Synonyms for alms

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money or goods contributed to the poor

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She decried the practice whereby able-bodied women took to begging for alms to survive, adding that Islam did not encourage the attitude.
To give alms is an insult to the beggar and society.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: City Saint-Ouen Alms 95310 Saint Ouen alms
No father, no mother, please give me a dollar," is the most popular line of children seeking alms from the Englishmen.
The films are brief, with Alms running twenty-four minutes and Vows running thirty-seven minutes, so each film easily fits within the typical fifty-minute time slot of a university class.
Sweden, April 23 -- Private Secretaries to the Cabinet Ministers of the 1970-1977 government held a commemorative alms giving on 17th April at the Gamini Matha Elders' Home of the Young Mens' Buddhist Association situated at Sir James Peries Mawata, Colombo 2.
Select the ALMS tab and once in the system, pick "Course Search," and type in "GCSS" for a list of training modules.
Buddhist monks pray during a mass alms offering ceremony in Bangkok on September 8.
Houthis, a group of Zaidi Shiites concentrated in Yemen's northern governorates, have imposed a system of alms collection in many areas where they have control.
ALMs offer a rapid and broad view of the reach and impact of research articles through an ever-increasing range of metrics.
He added that the fund provides people who want to give alms and money in charity the right channel to do so according to Islamic Sharia (law), highlighting the importance of this duty in promoting social justice and contributing to economic and social development.
Representatives from the fund have visited various government offices during the last three years, public and private companies and various entities in Qatar to introduce the issue to the employees and officials there, explaining to them the importance of Zakat and how to contribute their alms.
Likewise, Mads Alms, country director with the Norwegian Refugee Council, said his organization has yet to see an expected increase in new arrivals to the region.
a) Jim Kelley Bridge b) Wilf Mannion Bridge c) John Walker Bridge 3 We featured a picture of some Alms Houses in Norton in our popular Then and Now feature.
The Zakat or mandatory alms is the third pillar of Islam.