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shaped like an almond

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The fMRI scanning "revealed reduced blood flow in areas of the brain, including the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped region of the brain known to be involved in processing emotional responses, stress, and fear.
ANIMALS p19 husky dogs' almond-shaped eyes are designed so they can squint to avoid the bright snow.
We do get clues with names like Pavel Duda, whose house smelled like cabbage, who has almond-shaped eyes, and speaks a different language/lingo.
The research, led by David Amaral, distinguished professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and spearheaded by graduate student David Grayson, targeted the amygdala -- a small, almond-shaped region deep within brain.
The results of that experiment, described in the March 23 Journal of Neuroscience, add to evidence that the amygdalae, small, almond-shaped structures tucked deep in the brain, aren't the only bits of the brain that make a person feel afraid.
Characterized by mental retardation and distinct physical, behavioral, and psychiatric features, individuals with PWS are typically short and obese, have small hands and feet, and have other dysmorphic features including a narrow bifrontal diameter, full cheeks, and almond-shaped eyes.
But, almond-shaped eyes, smaller noses and low muscle tone are very common.
The vehicle featuresa front fascia with the Chinese-spec Sail with a hexagonal grille flanked by almond-shaped headlamps, optional projector headlamps, electric sunroof, and a roof rack.
Shirley says in an effort to maximize views from the patient rooms, the design team "stretched the width of the window a bit, and as we did that, we created a curved building form." The almond-shaped floor plates for the two buildings are connected by a five-story atrium with skylights and a southeastern-facing glass wall that serves as a horizontal light-harvesting system.
It is typified by stylized, graphically bold figures with large, almond-shaped eyes.
The almond-shaped monastery was to have a white rendered exterior and was criticised by the Victorian Society as looking like "an ocean liner on a collision course".
Not anymore, does the soul of Shahmama wanders in Niche which was the victim of discrimination, but can be found in the almond-shaped & light-brown eye of the girl, who stands against civil disobedience protests.
This almond-shaped border isolates an oval of green against the blue-gray background of the rest of the picture, and indicates that Christ's return will rupture the limits of time and space.
The almond-shaped eyes are so huge they actually determine the shape of the head.
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child is predicted to have William's nose and lips but Kate's dark hair and almond-shaped eyes.