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Place one vanilla-scented canister in one corner of the room, one vinegar-scented canister in a second corner, a lime-scented canister in a third corner, and an almond-scented canister in the remaining corner.
Once the bees are gone, Grange members will treat the wood with Fischer's Bee-Quick, an almond-scented spray that deters bees.
Another evergreen, Clematis armandii, has large oval leaves and white, long-lasting, almond-scented flowers in early to mid-spring.
Plant the pink forsythia-like flowers of Abeliophyllum distichum Roseum on a sunny south- or west- facing wall where the almond-scented perfume can waft into the house through an open window in February and March.
A bit smaller - a 40-footer - is one of the few scented cherries, prunus x yedoensis, which has small pink flowers which turn pure white and are faintly almond-scented.
For example: Put a small red dot on the bottom of the vanilla-scented canisters: a tiny piece of tape on the bottom of the vinegar-scented canisters; a piece of tape with a tiny black dot on the base of almond-scented canisters: and do nothing to those canisters that smell of lime.
The flowers are not large (just 5cm or 2in across), but are long-lasting and almond-scented with five petals held in a saucer shape, long-lasting.
In early spring they are festooned with almond-scented saucer-shaped white flowers.
When planting hanging baskets, choose some scented trailers such as brachycome, the swan river daisy, and for borders, plant heliotropes, purple and almond-scented, though these should not be allowed outdoors until summer is really warming up.