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having almond-shaped eyes

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The sultry almond-eyed beauty is a choreographer's dream, combining sensuality and grace with athleticism, sophistication, and musicality.
Tall, slender, almond-eyed, Coleman at 45 doesn't live that way anymore.
Yet there are no flower garlands, Polynesian hunks or almond-eyed beauties to be seen.
The dark-haired, almond-eyed actress has shapely legs which she puts down to rock-climbing!
The almond-eyed women and their devoted horses continue to stare out from his canvases, the occupants of a timeless, romantic landscape.
Cannot tell of the almond-eyed face that peered from the well, the ship of stone whose sail was a tongue.
But few Cantaloupe Days would offer videos of alien autopsies, books about cattle mutilations, or scale models of "grays" - the buffs' name for the almond-eyed, blobby creatures that inhabit the UFO universe.
Almond-eyed Niamh, who wore thick spectacles and a frizzy perm until she was 14, has captivated the Irish modelling world this year with her nine stone, size-10 figure.