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small bushy deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull

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During the years of prosperous almond tree growth, Don Raven and his partner Walter Biri started an almond confectionary business called Rancho Raviri in 1954.
However, the charge-off of destroyed almond trees and the lost revenue from those trees are expected to have a significant impact in earnings for the year.
He put down roots in a comfortable home nestled among the almond trees.
Head of the village council Jammal Najajrah told WAFA that workers, protected by soldiers, cut down olive and almond trees with chainsaws, in an area south of the village.
HEBRON, July 19, 2012 (WAFA) -- Jewish settlers Thursday uprooted olive and almond trees in an area in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, according to a local activist.
Spokesman of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Ummar, Mohammed Awad, said dozens of Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Beit Ein sneaked into Palestinian private land at dawn and uprooted grape, olive and almond trees under the Israeli army protection.
Rateb Jabour, from the local Popular Committee against the Settlements, told WAFA that an Israeli military unit accompanied with an officer from the Israeli civic administration razed around 50 dunums of Palestinian-owned agriculture land planted with olive and almond trees.
According to the area coordinator of the popular committee against the settlements, Ahmad Salah, a town resident was shocked when he got to his land located near the settlement of Daniel to find out that all 20 dunums planted with olive and almond trees were destroyed.
Al-Alami said that he was surprised by a number of Israeli soldiers present at his five dunums of land planted with grape and almond trees and told him under gun point to immediately leave the land under the pretext of declaring it closed military zone although he showed documents that proof his ownership of the land.
Almond trees contribute to overall water efficiency by producing three products in one.
The main objective of the project is the conservation of almond trees in Feghal through the restoration of degraded orchards and the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices, leading to improved livelihoods and ecosystem conditions.
The centre takes its name from the Setrachos river that runs down the Marathassa valley which boasts the "myriad anthi" (myriad of blossoms) deriving from the cherry, apple and almond trees all around.
Hama, SANA- Terrorists set fire to hundreds of hectares of farmlands planted with wheat, barley, olive trees, and almond trees in the eastern countryside of Hama province.
The settlers also chopped off about 30 olive trees and a number of almond trees planted in a nearby land belonging to another local.
Extremist settlers from Ma'on settlement south Hebron on Saturday cut down a number of olive and almond trees in Al Hamra area near Yatta town south of Hebron.