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small bushy deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull

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The hail damaged deciduous, citrus and almond trees, he said, adding that the competent state services ought to promptly record damage so that the affected producers are compensated.
The Indian almond tree is considered the largest tropical tree in the Leadwood tree family and is native to tropical Asia and northern Australia.
Almond trees can take around five years to start producing fruit.
The reproductive process in almond trees involves two years from flower bud induction to fruit set and fruit maturity.
Bahrain: A GROUP of green-fingered Bahrainis are planning to plant 1,000 almond trees as part of an initiative to beautify a village and at the same time cultivate the popular nut.
Opening the text haphazardly--as it was designed for--can teleport the reader beneath the blooming almond trees of 1985 Japan on one page and to warm plates of pasta on another, poignantly serving as examples of art's capacity to inspire.
The centre takes its name from the Setrachos river that runs down the Marathassa valley which boasts the "myriad anthi" (myriad of blossoms) deriving from the cherry, apple and almond trees all around.
Hama, SANA- Terrorists set fire to hundreds of hectares of farmlands planted with wheat, barley, olive trees, and almond trees in the eastern countryside of Hama province.
The outcry over almond trees began after the state placed limits on water use for urban residents.
In Israel, Tu B'Shevat is heralded by the white blossoms bursting from the bare branches of the almond trees, filling the air with the sweet perfume of spring.
Because of the drought and restrictions to protect smelt, Jasper said he had to cut down one-fifth of his almond trees last year.
The inn, surrounded by miles of verdant farmland, is set on 10 acres of citrus and almond trees, with a mini fig forest perfect for sunset strolls and a saltwater pool where garden-to-glass cocktails are served.
The qat trees were replaced with almond trees as they require less water and provide high economic revenues when sold in the local market.
Washington, August 12 ( ANI ): Oil derived from the seeds of wild almond trees could be the future weapon in the battle against obesity and diabetes, according to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Mohammed said the farm where he works had 500 palm trees, 50 mango and 70 chikoo trees and a huge number of wild almond trees earlier.