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Grant Edwards, 21, of Almond Tree Avenue, Aldermans Green, two counts admitted intentionally touching a woman aged 16 or over in a sexual way without her consent.
Thus, understanding the relative impact of flower number and relative fruit set on almond tree yield in commercial orchards is essential for guiding efforts to improve orchard productivity and help growers determine the most profitable practices for almond crop management.
Bahrain: A GROUP of green-fingered Bahrainis are planning to plant 1,000 almond trees as part of an initiative to beautify a village and at the same time cultivate the popular nut.
Washington, August 12 ( ANI ): Oil derived from the seeds of wild almond trees could be the future weapon in the battle against obesity and diabetes, according to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
9) As the flowers of the almond tree blossom on a naked branch, Strindberg's almond tree may be associated with the transforming pattern in the meditational process.
A Hijazi almond tree produces about 200 kg of the fruit.
Chung's shingle, Almond Tree Films Rwanda, has produced a handful of highly regarded shorts that have traveled to international fests.
They also provide for fitting out and rehabilitating drinking water networks, constructing water works and purchasing olive, almond tree and apple tree plants, as well as devising forest integrated development plans.
The teenager, who has not been named, was struck while cycling through the Abbeystead estate, near the Almond Tree Public House in Skelmersdale.
The devout woman prayed for a solution and her invocation was answered in the form of a perpetually blooming almond tree.
In ancient Greece, the almond tree was considered special, as it was the only tree that flowered before developing leaves.
Missouri wineries took the top three awards: Sugar Creek Vineyards & Winery won Best in Show and Best of Class, Dry Norton; Bommarito Estate Almond Tree winery won Best of Class, Port Norton.
Youngdahl said almond tree plantings are projected to exceed 50,000 net new acres per year through 2010, resulting in a dramatic increase in almond supplies beginning in 2007 and 2008.
Q SOME leaves on my almond tree are distorted with red blisters.
a long branch from a flowering almond tree in your hand,