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Synonyms for Almighty

Synonyms for Almighty

having unlimited power

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Many need to be reminded of His almightiness seen in creation and the vastness of galaxies discovered and undiscovered which are merely drops in His Ocean of existence.
Than their captors asked them what they thought of Hamas and tried to impress them with their technological almightiness by showing them their houses via something similar to Google Earth.
He made Himself little to enter the human heart and renew it with the almightiness of His love.
It continues its own experience of almightiness because it observes that it won all that power.
The creator of the universe, in making himself a child, came among us to share in our human journey; he made himself little to enter the human heart and thereby to renew it with the almightiness of his love.
Already in Underworld, the apparent almightiness of the digital--the dark power of "soft" microsystems, "zeroes," "ones," and "pixels" to replicate themselves across the "real" world and thus "integrate" us all into the trajectories of representation and desire crisscrossing within the same macrosystem of sameness--was setting itself up as a premise of life worldwide (825).
1) Heschel's writings attest to the deep inner struggle in his soul, as he considers the almightiness and presence of God.
Immediateness, simultaneity, plurality and a playful sense of almightiness transform the digital medium into a powerful support for decision-making.