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Synonyms for Almighty

Synonyms for Almighty

having unlimited power

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It is also believed that these persons have realized Atman--The Almightily and that this realization is infinitely more than the physical body, more than vital force in the body or the mind and intelligence or all these put together.
China would love to stage football's premier event - not least because it would give their team automatic entry at a time when they find it almightily difficult to qualify any other way.
Like a flashy black Cadillac with a madman at the wheel, the movie careers all over the place, squishing cinema convention under its tyres before crashing into an almightily brilliant finale.
Despite a performance which mixed of the good, the not-so-good and almightily bad, Coventry managed to maintain their undefeated record at the Butts Park Arena.
Almightily attitudinal Bingham announces, ``I think I'm the most realest celebrity that you'll ever meet,'' then refuses to use the bathtub because she doesn't like its color: ``I was expecting more of what we're accustomed to,'' she simpers.