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Synonyms for almandine

a purple variety of the ruby spinel

a deep red garnet consisting of iron aluminum silicate


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Of note, the micro-probe identified: 12 Orthopyroxenes (4 OP5) 16 Clinopyroxenes (2 eclogitic and 1 High Pressure eclogitic) 1 G9 garnet 1 G11 garnet 5 Eclogitic garnets 1 Chromite 4 Ilmenites 1 Olivine 1 Amphibole; as well as, 17 garnets identified as either G5 or Almandines and most likely coming from the property or other regional sources.
As indicated by the data in Table II, the stone consists of almandine with a spessartine component rather than a pyrope component.
The fourth gem corresponded to almandine with some vibrational bands for spessartine.
Aluminian-series garnets (Pinet and Smith, 1994) Spectral This Band range Spessartine Almandine Pyrope work symmetry 1100-750 1030 1038 1062 1028 [T.