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a purple variety of the ruby spinel

a deep red garnet consisting of iron aluminum silicate


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Because the garnet structure readily takes in Ca, and especially Mn, almandine garnet is stabilized beyond the range of conditions of bulk composition represented in the diagram.
Signature dishes include roasted fennel and goat cheese almandine salad.
Thanksgiving Holiday Feast Oven-roasted herbed turkey, gravy, stuffing, butternut squash, green beans almandine, turnip, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce and pumpkin and apple pies.
Safety of simvastatin was evaluated by measuring serum almandine aminotransferase (ALT), creatinine phosphokinase (CPK) and bilirubin at baseline, 4 , 8 and 12 week.
Akimoto, "Hydrostatic compression of the synthetic garnets pyrope and almandine," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.
Des Esseintes composes a bouquet of flowers out of gems: "the leaves were set with gems of a strong and definite green--asparagus-green chrysoberyls, leek-green peridots, olive green olivines--and these sprang from twigs of almandine and uvarovite of a purplish red ..." (Huysmans 55).
Some of the pastries available include cake made with coffee butter cream layered between almond cake and covered with chocolate ganache; fruit tarts; cake made with chocolate mousse, banana mousse and coffee and vanilla flavoring; mixed berry, almandine, peach and lemon tarts; chocolate eclairs; croissants both plain and containing various fillings including chocolate.
In the older classifications they were considered typical sodalithic pegmatites, with characteristic dominance of albite over microcline, lepidolite over other micas, spessartine over almandine and elbaite over schorl.
Moreover, the metahyaloclastitic matrix of some submarine breccias contains paragonite, garnet and kyanite, and fragments in the breccia itself may contain almandine garnet growing around ilmenite aggregates.
The goblet and beads exhibit shallow, irregular indentations consistent with the use of stone and wood tools tipped with an especially hard material, such as almandine garnet or corundum.
There is no agreed definition or classification of precious and semi-precious stone, so for the purposes of this paper, 'precious stone' will be considered to include diamond, emerald and ruby, while topaz, almandine, alexandrite and stone used in larger quantities, such as marble, quartz, jasper and amethyst, will be considered 'semi-precious'.
The other main type of red garnet found in jewellery is almandine.
Nutrition Information: CAL 193 CHO 7g PRO 27g FAT 6g CHOL 43mg CALCIUM 17mg POTASSIUM 324mg SODIUM 226mg FIBER 0g MENU Grilled Wasabi Tuna Rice with Scallions Green Beans Almandine Total time: 15-30 minutes Serves: 4 Serving size: 4 oz.
Casseroles are the answer to the busy cook who wants to put a home-baked meal on the table, but most recipes focus on condensed soup and tuna from the can--so try something new with a new concept in casseroles in COVER & BAKE MEALS, covering everything from Lemongrass Chicken Curry with Linguine, Coconut and Bean Sprouts to Caribbean Braised Ribs with Mango, Pineapple and Rice or Sole Almandine with Vegetable and Rice Stuffing.