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of or pertaining to the allyl radical

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For further evaluating the one-pot chlorination/oxidation/Wittig olefination sequence, we decided to conduct the one-pot sequential chlorination/oxidation/Wittig olefination reaction under ultrasound conditions, using MnO2 as a selective, cost-effective, and environment-friendly oxidant agent for activated alcohols 1, such as allylic alcohol, propargylic alcoho, and benzylic alcohols, to give (Z)-a-chloro-a,b-unsaturated esters 3, Scheme 1.
The high number of allylic hydrogens and double bonds per molecule associated with these unsaturated poly(vinyl ether)s results in relatively fast curing by autoxidation due to the gel-point being reached at relatively low extents of reaction.
5]-bile acids involving pretreatment of the urine by procedures that fail to hydrolyze the sulfate conjugate moiety and/or are destructive to the allylic 3[beta],7[alpha]-dihydroxy-[[DELTA].
55 (1H s Hb-29) which together with an allylic methyl group of three proton intensity at A 1.
These data suggest that an allylic side chain seems to enhance the inhibitory effects of monterpenes and chiefly against Gram-negative organisms.
Deshpande developed polymers with allylic or benzylic amide groups covalently bonded to the polymer molecules.
A whole chapter is devoted to primary organometallics, which are needed for conjugate addition and allylic substitution--the most popular reactions.
Selective oxidation of allylic alcohols with chromic acid.
The production of DMAPP, the allylic isomer of IPP, is catalyzed by an IPP isomerase (IPPI).
For example, in the addition of HBr to buta-1,3-diene, as shown in Scheme III, the resultant mixture of 3-bromobut-1-ene and 1-bromobut-2-ene may be thought of as arising from the addition of Br--to different allylic carbocation resonance forms.
Despite being a rapidly cross-linking polymer, the large amount of allylic hydrogens present in NR also leads to rapid crosslink breakdown when exposed to elevated temperatures for long periods (ref.
The difference in the molar concentrations of double bonds in each elastomer resulted in differences in the polarity, number of allylic carbon sites for sulphur vulcanization and reactivity of the crosslink sites [13,8].
of Alberta) and his former student Lachance, now with a drug company, offer organic chemists a broad treatment of allylic boron compounds, a class of synthetic reagents that over 25 years have become the choice in the stereoselective synthesis of homoallylic alcohols by allyl transfer to carbonyl compounds.
7] synthesized a series of allylic chalcones and pyrazolic chalcones.