allyl radical

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the univalent unsaturated organic radical C3H5

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The allyl radical in polybutadiene does not have such protection and basically undergoes a free radical polymerization where the contained double bonds serve as the polymerization site.
Interfering with the R[center dot] part of the chain autoxidative mechanism has significant ramifications for butadiene based polymers since it is the allyl radical in such systems that leads to polymer crosslinking, gel formation and subsequent Mooney viscosity changes (figure 4)(ref.
However, the unsaturation generated by radical--radical disproportionation can also support crosslinking [12, 13] if it engages in radical addition, or if it results in the formation of allyl radicals that have a limited capacity for monomer addition and a pronounced preference for termination by combination [14].
Yamazaki and Seguchi [13] detected that some alkyl radicals will convert to allyl radicals in the final stage, but the concentration of the allyl radicals was comparatively much lower than that of alkyl radicals at 145[degrees]C.
This means that the two EPDM polymers containing diene monomers corresponding to model the compounds A and B are photocrosslinked by combination of allyl radicals while the EPDM containing the comonomer corresponding to model compound C is crosslinked to some extent also by polymerization of the unsaturated sidegroups (10).