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the univalent unsaturated organic radical C3H5

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In the study, the observed antioxidant activity revealed that all the analyzed compounds, except L2, have promising antioxidant activities, which may be the result of the presence of benzylpiperazine and dipropylamine, and a methylpiperidine moiety as well as the allyl group. Therefore, it was concluded that ample scope exists for further studies.
Derivatives with a propyl instead of an allyl group were less active or inactive.
The presence of allyl group on the benzene ring was further confirmed by HMBC correlations of methylene protons (d 3.40) with aromatic carbons at d 116.5 and 110.7 and that of aromatic protons (d 6.80, 6.60) correlated with methylene carbons at d 40.7 (C-7).
This confirmed that the fragment losses were not from the allyl group that was labeled with [sup.13]C atoms.
Ortho-diallyl bisphenol A (DABPA) was a yellow-brown viscous liquid at room temperature and contained active phenolic hydroxyl and allyl groups. The active hydroxyl group could be involved in the polymerization of phthalonitrile-based resins and the addition reaction of allyl group tended to increase the cross-linking density of the resultant composites [22-24].
The following were chosen from the allyl group of compounds:
The characteristic peaks of BFB assigned to methylene ( Ar-ChL-N-) and methylene (-0-CH2-N) of oxazine ring were observed at 3.81 ppm and 4.77 ppm: two multiples at 5.19 ppm and 5.85 ppm are typical for Ihe protons of =CH2 and =CH in ailyl group, respectively: the protons of -CH2- of allyl group showed a doublet at 3.31 ppm.
The band at 1636-1645 [cm.sup.-1] corresponds to C = C of the allyl group. The disappearance of-OH band at 3400-3500 [cm.sup.-1] shows the completion of the reaction.
The band of allyl group at 1361 [cm.sup.-1] overlaps with the band at 1378 [cm.sup.-1] and cannot be determined accurately during polymerization.
This suggests that the presence of allyl group can improve the solubility in acetone.
[8] functionalized graphene oxide and thermally reduced graphene oxide with allyl groups in order to enhance the interactions between the filler and a fluoroelastomer (FE) matrix.
It is particularly interesting to note the vinyl groups on OL1170 and the allyl groups on OL1175 are comparatively more similar in reactivity than the methacryl propyl groups of MA0735.
The crosslinking agent is a peroxide and the crosslinking promoter contains maleimido, (meth)acrylate or allyl groups. The free radical inhibitor is an organic antioxidant such as a quinhydrone.