allyl group

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the univalent unsaturated organic radical C3H5

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1] decreased which resulted that the allyl groups have been involved to a great extent in the polymerization.
The presence of allyl group on the benzene ring was further confirmed by HMBC correlations of methylene protons (d 3.
Derivatives with a propyl instead of an allyl group were less active or inactive.
g] value of PBFB was much higher than that of PBFA and PBFC, it was probably due to increasing of the crosslinking point of thermoset by introduction of allyl group into BFB, which limited the mobility of polymer chains.
The first peak at 186[degrees]C corresponds to the polymerization of allyl group (C = C bond energy is 606.
In addition, these resins are expected to show excellent thermal stability because the structure of network obtained through the copolymerization of maleimide and allyl group have good thermal stability and toughness.
The crosslinking agent is a peroxide and the crosslinking promoter contains maleimido, (meth)acrylate or allyl groups.
Critical role of allyl groups and disulfide chain in induction of Pi class glutathione transferase in mouse tissues in vivo by diallyl disulfide, a naturally occurring chemopreventive agent in garlic.
Frederic Blondel reports that he is surprised that he can thicken aqueous cosmetic formulations with a copolymer of acrylamide and acrylamidomethylsul-fonate (INCI Acryloyldimethyltaurate) crosslinked with an amine-based crosslinking agent that includes three allyl groups.
Type II coagents may participate in crosslink formation through grafting at the allyl groups, inter- and intra-molecular propagation reactions, or simply increasing the concentration of reactive pendant unsaturation (ref.
Acyl lipids constituents, such as oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids, have one or more allyl groups within the fatty acid molecule and thus are readily oxidized to instable hydroperoxides.
73) describes the synthesis of a styrene-acrylate latex containing allyl groups (see below) for post-application oxidative cure.
In order to use the resulting hyperbranched PAEKs (HBP-OH) as BMI resin modifiers, we converted their end groups into allyl groups by etherification.
Tri-functional coagents (TAC and TAIC) may form crosslinks through the cyclopolymerization products, as well as grafting through pendant allyl groups.