allyl alcohol

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an unsaturated primary alcohol present in wood spirit

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However, the allyl chloride existed together with amines in the reaction system, which would be hydrolyzed to generate allyl alcohol when OH- was added.
Thus, a highly enantioselective ([greater than or equal to] 99% ee) and efficient synthesis of (R)- and (S)-arundic acids was achieved in 25% and 28% over five steps, respectively, from allyl alcohol. (93)
30 days after the second retrorsine injection, animals received 10 repeated injections of allyl alcohol every third day, each of 0.31 mmol/kg body weight.
Allyl alcohol and garlic (Allium sativum) extract produce oxidative stress in Candida albicans.
Per-fluorooctyl iodide (or perfluorodecyl iodide) was converted into 1 through addition reaction with allyl alcohol. Compound 1 was readily oxidized in air, so it was prepared and immediately used without further purification.
SDK is expanding its competitive allyl-alcohol-related business, fully utilizing its proprietary catalyst/process technologies whereby allyl alcohol is synthesized directly from propylene and acetic acid.
In a recent study, aberration corrected TEM was used to investigate the surface of silver particles used to catalyze the gas phase hydrogenation of acrolein to allyl alcohol. Silver particles having similar size and shape are known to exhibit different levels of catalytic activity depending on their pretreatment.
It is is prepared by a process that includes reacting an oligomeric or polymeric polyisocyanate with a member selected from the group consisting of glycidol, allyl amine and allyl alcohol.
Allyl alcohol, also a large-scale industrial chemical, causes a different form of liver toxicity: acute hepatic periportal (zone 1) necrosis.
Key derivative produced at the plant will include allyl alcohol and MPDiol glycol.
In similar tests, rats received toxicantsacetaminophen, allyl alcohol, and a poison produced by E.
Effect of age and sex on allyl alcohol hepatotoxicity in rats: role of liver alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase activities.
- Expansion of allyl alcohol production capacity at Oita
Dan Pourreau (Lyondell Chemical Company) and Scott Smyth (Resin Chemists LLC) describe high-solids alkyds resins based on styrene allyl alcohol (SAA) resinous polyols.