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Synonyms for ally

Synonyms for ally

to be formally associated, as by treaty

to unite or be united in a relationship

one nation associated with another in a common cause

one who is united in a relationship with another

Synonyms for ally

an associate who provides cooperation or assistance


become an ally or associate, as by a treaty or marriage

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Ally consults with an eccentric therapist, who suspects that she is trying to protect Jenny from evolving into the full-blown neurotic Ally is today, and we can empathize: One's more than enough.
To further underscore Kelley's crisis of imagination, he tries to eke out jokes by using a word for male genitalia not usually employed in the country's better courtrooms, as well as a fairly queasy gag involving Ally and self-gratification (I'm fairly sure the mortification on Flockhart's face in those scenes is not acting).