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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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From the interpretation of the VES measurements and mapping of the Plio-Quaternary alluviums and Oxfordian sandstones that are recognized for their aquifer potentialities, three sites, indicated by A, B, and C (Figure 10), are proposed for drilling boreholes of 200 to 300 m depth:
(2) In the west of line 15 along El Abbes oued to check the Plio-Quaternary alluviums
When covered by alluvium, the sandstone bands are separated by thick horizons of clays or marls [14].
The main aquifer under the Maghnia plain is the Plio-Quaternary alluvium with the Miocene marls forming the substratum.
In Jordan, Al Farajat (2008) modeled the geometry of the southern basin of Aqaba in Jordan to delineate groundwater rich layers, and to determine the topology and structures of the granite basement and the thickness of the alluviums. In the model he built gravity and resistivity methods were used.
The digital geologic map of the region was classified into two classes with areas consisting of bare rocks (all types of hard rock) and areas consisting of alluviums.
From the geological point of view, it consists of alluviums (Pleistocene sediments) with poor good sorting where elongated active faults are cutting the basin.
Promising areas in this context mean low topographic and flat geological basins, filled with alluviums, surrounded by side wadis that draining their floods into the basin from the surrounding highlands.