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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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calcium plot (Figure 3) shows that the Mg concentration exceeds the Ca concentration except for two samples collected from the alluvium aquifer.
The granulometry varies from clays to pebbles and the thickness of the alluvium tends to decrease near the Miocene outcrops and increases under the center of the plain.
With these models, it is hoped they will help in locating areas consisting of alluvium basins and surrounded by highlands, and crossed by major faults.
Surface area of Azna city formations is according to table (2) and the maximum surface area is covered with alluvium and Shahbazan formation has the maximum surface area among limestone formations.
The subsurface profile along the The analysis of borehole data indicates that the thickness of the river alluvium is about 60 m.
We estimate the rate of organic carbon storage in post-settlement alluvium since 1963-1964, in eastern Ottawa County, Michigan using laboratory methods and cesium-137 dating.
From alluvium to cobbles, the Robbins Small Boring Unit (SBU-A) is making short work of mixed ground.
Other anomalies in the Mt Venn area locate along the margins of the gabbro complex with no obvious source of the anomaly detected on the surface or are covered by colluvium and alluvium. Following this field assessment, in conjunction with the geophysicist, the anomalies are now being refined and final drilling design is being completed.
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Alluvium pounds 15 Verdict:Scintillating midnight blue loose pigment which is rich in colour and sparkle and can be used to any depth.
MONO EYESHADOWS ILLAMASQUA PURE PIGMENT IN ALLUVIUM (pounds 15) Scintillating midnight blue loose pigment which is rich in colour and sparkle and can be used to any depth.
They purchased the mine outright in 1986, and, using heavy machinery and processing equipment, uncovered thousands of specimens from the veins and alluvium. Bill was particularly good at preparing specimens for sale to collectors and museums.
Old Alluvium, Trangie Cowal, Contemporary Macquarie), and stratigraphic units (palaeochannels, groundwater tables).
Types of soil in the study area is Red soil, Lateritic soil, Clayey soil, River alluvium, Coastal alluvium Fig-1.
This volume also contains the 33 keynote presentations on recent advances in geotechnics, covering such topics as developments in understanding soil behavior, ground performance and building response due to tunneling, comparative study between liquefaction and instability of sand, inherent anisotropic stiffness of decomposed tuff and alluvium, and mechanical behavior of highly fissured sheared clay shales, to cite a few.
Another reliable one[ The Alluvium is one of my favorites, this vintage bringing deep ruby red color with a very nice blackberry and vanilla aromas.