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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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Alluvium of quaternary period consisting of sand, clay, silt and gravel covered the surface of the plain.
The top layer of the alluvium consists of sandy gravels/ gravelly sand having a thickness of about 15 m (Layer-1).
The larger silt content indicates sediments were deposited under a lower energy regime than the Old Alluvium meander plain.
Interestingly, in the samples collected from the Teesta alluvium, arsenic contents were relatively less than that in samples collected from the GMB alluvium.
This zone is open to the west and south under Quaternary alluvium and is open-ended to the north and east under Quaternary alluvium and post-mineral basalt.
The fracture systems are fed by leakage of water from the overlying alluvium.
This is the first record of Bison from Taos County and provides the first direct evidence of the late Pleistocene age of some of the alluvium overlying the Taos Plateau volcanic field.
This soil appears intermediate between the Alluvium (Holdridge consociation) and Residual soils in extractable P, but equivalent in pH to the Residual soils (J.
This portion of the Nimitz rests on fine-grained sediments washed in with mud from the San Francisco Bay, while other, uncollapsed sections sit on alluvium deposits that better resist shaking.
The reason of these high values may be due to presence of hidden fault below or in the vicinity ofthe Mulazai village but we cannot say it surely because this area is fully alluvium covered and no subsurface geological study has been done till date.
Today's card at Amiens in France features the debut of Alluvium, the 11th foal out of Kirsten Rausing's Moyglare Stud Stakes third Alouette.
Marie Etienne; CONFESSIONS OF A BI-POLAR MARDI-GRAS QUEEN; Alluvium Books (Autobiography/Memoir) $0.
A geotechnical investigation revealed that a large area of the project site is comprised of alluvium fan.
Going down the list, we see that Benzinger has its Tribute, Beringer has its Alluvium, and Bourassa its Harmony.