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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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Alluvium of quaternary period consisting of sand, clay, silt and gravel covered the surface of the plain.
The main aquifer includes Quaternary alluvium and Pliocene gravel, sand and clayey levels.
Webb TH (2003) Identification of functional horizons to predict physical properties for soils from alluvium in Canterbury, New Zealand.
All vineyards in the dataset are located on alluvium derived from relatively soft Cenozoic rocks, so gravel is rare.
The interface between the fine-grained alluvium and the top of the gravels and also the stratification within the palaeochannel, is not precisely defined from the ER section, although much information is derived on gross morphology of the alluvial sequence, which correlates with the gouge core stratigraphic data.
Stratigraphic units present in the quadrangle (listed in ascending order) include the Grampian Hills Member of the Nanafalia Formation and the Tuscahoma Formation, both of Paleocene age, the Hatchetigbee Formation of Eocene age, and Holocene Alluvium.
But the colours also set up a procession of planes revealing the spatial nature of the composition, which, the architects argue, 'is a plain rectangular volume excavated by narrow open spaces conceived as cracks in hardened sand' like the raddled cliffs of ancient alluvium that form the seaside.
Graphs of the water levels have been constructed for wells in the Red River alluvium in Caddo Parish for the years 1972 to 1982 to develop a systematic view of the well behavior before construction of the Red River Waterway.
The Mesopotamians discovered that they could build canals and spread the river alluvium to outlying farms.
This is the first record of Bison from Taos County and provides the first direct evidence of the late Pleistocene age of some of the alluvium overlying the Taos Plateau volcanic field.
Can we fairly conclude that "although some measure of political dependency may be presumed to have existed between particular enclaves on the north and specific alluvial states, on the whole, the links that tied together the northern periphery and the alluvium in the Uruk period were economic and not political" (p.
This portion of the Nimitz rests on fine-grained sediments washed in with mud from the San Francisco Bay, while other, uncollapsed sections sit on alluvium deposits that better resist shaking.