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Synonyms for alluviation

the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating

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at depths of over 10 m below present sea level, (16) although the greater surge of alluviation apparently did not occur until the Neolithic to Early Helladic periods.
Unusually extensive alluviation during the Miocene may nave allowed rivers to wander out of their usual basins before becoming reestablished; notably, the Tennessee River may have drained across tire Warrior basin into Mississippi.
Subsequent sea level rise and alluviation during Missourian time deposited the Warrensburg Sandstone in this valley.
Daniels and Jordan (8) found the alluvial histories of two watersheds in Iowa indicate that landscapes develop through periods of erosion and alluviation followed by a period of stability.
Due to rapid alluviation in the lowland portion of the Bais Region, few sites dating prior to about A.D.
The erosion and alluviation generated by over a millennium of earthmoving would have expanded the shoreline and formed highly productive wetlands long before the archaeological record indicates abandonment of the interior districts.