alluvial soil

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a fine-grained fertile soil deposited by water flowing over flood plains or in river beds

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In 1907, the boll weevil crossed the Mississippi River, but the rich alluvial soil gave the Delta cotton some resistance.
The alluvial soil grew anything planted in it and the gardens on our Caney Creek homestead were prolific.
Case 1: Method 1 was used; the fine content ratio Fc of the silty or clayey sand and silt in the alluvial soil layer were 30% and 60%, respectively.
Seedlings growing in canopy gaps and understory sites had similar root: shoot ratios, but those on the alluvial soil tended to have lower ratios ([F.
It was "a furious, rapid, desolating torrent, loaded with alluvial soil .
But 19th- and 20th-century farmers found the alluvial soil better suited to orchards than oaks, and the trees themselves valuable for firewood.
Tenders are invited for Boring and Installation of 30 Nos DBHP in alluvial soil in Meethapur/ Jaitpur ward under Badarpur Constituency AC-53
Municipal agriculturist Daniel Dacayanan attributes the distinct sweetness to the farmers' use of saline water to irrigate the plants, and the juiciness to alluvial soil.
He tends Chardonnay growing from dark clay near the San Pablo Bay, Petite Sirah, Touriga Nacional and Zinfandel planted in alluvial soil not far from the Russian River and Cabernet Sauvignon growing from a rocky inland hillside close to the Sonoma-Mendocino county line.
The farmland is level or gently undulating with fertile alluvial soil.
Nearing--with help from Zhang and Akitsu Kimoto, who is doing postdoctoral work funded by Japan--is studying the oxides' performance in watersheds in the semiarid American Southwest's alluvial soil near Tombstone, Arizona.
The alluvial soil of the Po Valley in southwest Lombardy produces superb rice that is served up daily in the form of risotto and other classic dishes.