alluvial plain

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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Pleistocene-Holocene Sakhi Sarwar Group represents Dada (conglomerate) and Sakhi Sarwar (clays, sandstone and conglomerates) formations; alluvial terraces, fans and alluvial plains. The economic geology of Kaha-Harand section of Mari anticline represents many economic commodities.
An example of the former is the fact that Lahore is located on an alluvial plain made up of loamy clay soil.
In brief, highly saline soil ([EC.sub.e] >8 dS [m.sup.-1]) characterises the western and northern parts of the alluvial plain and the playa basin.
Estimated maximum tree Soil type (long term Site age (y) n flooding patterns) Illini 60 20 Drummer silty clay loam Plantations (None, but poorly drained soil) Mermet Lake 100 22 Ginant silt loam (Infrequent severe flooding by major river systems of the Ohio and Mississippi) Heron Pond 300 35 Piopolis silty clay (Frequent flooding of Cache alluvial plain) Big Cypress 1000 9 ** Karnak silty clay (Frequent Access Point shallow flooding of broad Cache alluvial plain) Mean buttress Site Current flooding regime support ratio Illini None 10 Plantations Mermet Lake Dam - Nearly continuous 27 flooding.
To the south, an ample alluvial plain is the ground for most agricultural activities and the largest settlements.
Located in the far east of the country near the border with Oman, the site comprises coastal subtidal, intertidal (sand beach, mangroves, mud and tidal channels), supratidal sand, salt marsh and saline flats, as well as encompassing a narrow alluvial plain dominated by Acacia woodland.
There are three main areas to the park: the first is the alluvial plain covered in acacias; the second consists of the wadis (gorges) in the mountains and the third is the sparsely vegetated hills and rocky outcrops which form the northern boundaries and the higher elevations.
Wall (191:1932) noted that the species was plentiful "in a piece of ground adjoining a stream", likely referring to the numerous smaller ponds and streams found on the large alluvial plain formed by the Mastuj (= Kunar) and Yarkhoon rivers.
Most of these records are disjunct from previous records (and in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain ecoregion rather than within the ozark Physiographic Region); therefore, we sought to validate and interpret new records and the apparent expansion into northeastern Arkansas.
As shown on DEM map (fig 9) Kuh pahn anticline is higher than its vicinity that is alluvial plain. The attitude of Kuh pahn anticline is 2300m.
(4) In the Ganga alluvial plain, fluoride contamination has been reported by Indian state and central groundwater departments in a few districts like Unnao, Kanpur, and Agra.
Over the centuries, the slit deposits ought onto the "Kucuk Menderes" enlarged this alluvial plain which surrounds the archaeological site, thus pushing back the shores of the Aegean.