alluvial flat

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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By the Santonian, Campanian, Maastrichtian and Paleocene, a regression and general progradation lead to the accumulation of littoral and transitional facies during the deposition of the Guadalupe group; it was followed by coastal and alluvial flats and coal facies during the deposition of the Guaduas formation (Sarmiento, 1994).
The main trunk of the river, a little above Tot-Ling, is crossed by an iron chainbridge with a span of about 100 feet, the stream being here contracted between rocks and unfordably deep; but immediately below this it is spread out again over a wide alluvial flat, and fordable in many places between Tot-Ling and Tsaprang.
In all Ladak the longest expanse of uninterrupted flat bottom is perhaps the valley of Nubra, where, from Agam to the foot of the Yarma glacier, we may travel for 80 miles in a straight line over alluvial flats without once crossing rock in situ, and with no other ascent or descent than the ups and downs of the secondary alluvial banks--which rarely exceed 100 vertical feet--or the general slope of the valley, which is only 20 feet in a mile and almost insensible; but not above a third of this length can be seen at once in a straight unbroken vista, and the views here are perhaps more extensive than in any other valley of the Rong.
The landscape consists of gently undulating to steep hillslopes with some alluvial flats, and an average annual winter-dominant rainfall of approximately 530 mm per year.
It used to be below on the alluvial flats of the Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lachlan rivers below.