alluvial fan

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a fan-shaped deposit where a fast flowing stream flattens out

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Fortunately, communities living on those alluvial fans had been warned and evacuated.
Within the walls of Acopios 1 and Acopios 2 a high angle (subvertical), south-dipping fault zone affecting alluvial fan deposits can be seen (Figs.
We are blessed to be in Rutherford, on an alluvial fan, and close to the Mayacamas.
The Urao lake shows a transition from the alluvial fan deposits in the northern margin of the basin towards the fine clay deposits of the lake centre.
When we look at the location of the Curiosity landing site with respect to the alluvial fan we can see that the rover landed downstream of the fan.
The rounded shape of some stones in the conglomerate indicates long-distance transport from above the rim, where a channel named Peace Vallis feeds into the alluvial fan.
The rocks in the outcrops were formed when water transported gravels downslope to bottom of alluvial fan, where they remained for some time.
The resulted gully erosion organisms and the processes of creeping form numerous alluvial fans in our surveyed areas;
These processes of alterations in the landscape are intense in the alluvial fan of the River Taquari (Mercante et.
The alluvial fans and hillsides had some difficulties for crop production, because the streams can sweep the soil instead of depositing it; furthermore, the streams can change their course over the alluvial fan from one year to another.
Most significant is that all strata in the two successions were deposited in continental environments-mainly fluvial and alluvial fan settings (Nadon 1981; Nadon and Middleton 1985).
The trunk of the stream recharges the alluvial fan and possibly even the Mississippi River alluvial aquifer where alluvial fans and the river alluvium inter-finger.
2) The Lachlan Alluvial Fan, a part of the larger Riverine Plain of NSW, is bounded by Willandra Creek in the northern part, with the Lachlan River and adjacent floodplain forming the southern boundary.