alluvial deposit

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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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The alluvial deposit could contain gem rough originating from various sources, and it would not be surprising for Cu-bearing tourmaline to be included among the production of stones from this new locality that is relatively close to Mavuco.
* Q2 diamond production grew 24% q-o-q (up 14% y-o-y) to 9.7 m cts primarily due to seasonal return to production at alluvial deposits.
The precious stone was discovered at the ancient alluvial deposits in South Africa, a land known for harbouring a number of the world's largest diamonds.
The construction site at 790 North Water Street sits on a once-marshy mix of glacial till and alluvial deposits, close to the Milwaukee River.
Relatively higher fractal dimensions are observed where loose alluvial deposits and irregularities exists whilst the lower fractal dimension represents existence of the competent formations.
The main goals of this study are (1) to describe the nature and distribution of the alluvial terrace deposits of the Quaternary alluvial sediments of the Alto Guadalquivir Basin (SE Spain) based on sedimentary facies as well as on mineral and geochemical evidence, (2) to identify and discriminate different sediment sources of the Guadalquivir River alluvial deposits, (3) to estimate the potential factors that control the observed changes in the mineralogy and geochemistry within the different studied sedimentary sequences, and (4) to propose a terrace deposit model in the light of processes that have interacted to form the terrace sediments.
Underneath the man-made fill on the property, there are layers of alluvial deposits left by the river flow, such as gravel and soil, the PBS report said.
The agency is now asserting that "intermittent, and ephemeral streams, are physically, chemically, and biologically connected to downstream rivers via channels and associated alluvial deposits" and are thus under EPA control.
It varies in lithology from weathered and cracked basement rocks to the Alluvial deposits with a significant heterogeneous nature which varies from clayey silty sandy pebbly and boulders layers.
Historical artisanal mining recovered significant gold from alluvial deposits and quartz vein reefs, of which there are over 80, identified from historical records.