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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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The researchers analysed chlorine abundances and stable chlorine isotope ratios to decipher sources of chloride and to estimate subsurface residence times of groundwater from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS), alluvial aquifers, and fractured basement aquifers in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.
Pleistocene-Holocene Sakhi Sarwar Group represents Dada (conglomerate) and Sakhi Sarwar (clays, sandstone and conglomerates) formations; alluvial terraces, fans and alluvial plains.
The team concluded that populations have grown on or near many of the 1,200 alluvial fans formed by debris flows.
Koboldo holds licences to mine alluvial gold in the Amur region, Russian Far East.
The company has agreed to fund USD500,000 to set up a base camp and an alluvial production plant.
- ARGYLE SMOKE CREEK ALLUVIAL DIAMOND PROJECT: Processing of diamondiferous gravels commenced at the Argyle Smoke Creek Alluvial Diamond project.
Hong Kong, Sept 20, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - North Asia Resources Holdings Limited ("NAR" or the "Company")(HKSE: 0061) today announced that its alluvial gold mine located at Khar Yamaat, Mongolia has successfully started trial production.
International Paper currently draws about 30 million gallons of water daily from the Sparta aquifer and the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer.
Soon after glass industries sprang up along the Allegheny (the genesis of PPG), iron and steel foundries colonized the alluvial banks of both rivers, a vast Scottish or Scots-Irish enterprise giving rise to Pittsburgh fortunes (Carnegie, Mellon, Frick, Westinghouse), subsequent influxes of immigrant labour (the Slavic/Irish/Italian grandparents of the generation depicted in The Deerhunter), and appalling pollution.
Boroo is located about 120 km north of Ulaanbaatar, and is estimated to contain indicated and inferred resources of 25.5 Mt at a grade of 2.80 g/t Au, with an estimated further 160,000 oz of gold contained within an alluvial resource, Reserves at Boroo are estimated at 10.7 Mt at a grade of 3.34 g/t Au.
Particle size analysis (%) of the ferrallitic and alluvial soils Component Soil layer (cra) 0-20 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-100 Ferrallitic Clay (<2 [micro] m) 7.8 13.4 22.0 31.5 31.2 Silt (2-50 [micro] m) 9.5 9.3 8.9 9.3 9.5 Sand (0.05-2 mm) 82.7 77.3 69.1 59.2 59.3 Alluvial Clay (<2 [micro] m) 17.1 17.2 15.8 15.0 16.4 Silt (2-50 [micro] m) 41.9 40.1 40.8 41.2 52.5 Sand (0.05-2 mm) 41.0 42.7 43.4 43.8 31.1 100-140(A) 120-140(B) 100-120(B) Ferrallitic Clay (<2 [micro] m) 29.2 Silt (2-50 [micro] m) 10.5 Sand (0.05-2 mm) 60.3 Alluvial Clay (<2 [micro] m) 14.5 27.7 Silt (2-50 [micro] m) 35.0 54.4 Sand (0.05-2 mm) 40-5 17-9
Work is also continuing on the development of Redaurum's alluvial diamond mines at Quaggas Kop and Avontuur in South Africa.
Release date- 08082019 - Lucapa Diamond Company Limited (ASX: LOM) ('Lucapa' or 'the Company') and its respective project partners are pleased to announce the results from the latest sales of diamonds from the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola and the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho.