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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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The company says Riverstone Resources mining tenement is comprised of nearly 300,000 ounces of gold (ML 80077), plus an extraction permit (DERM License number: IPCE015389) for alluvial gold/sand and gravel over an adjoining 16,500 acres.
15 troy ounces) of raw alluvial gold and the trial production will continue till the end of October 2010.
I left Rockwell because of management's inability, under the leadership of the current CEO, to develop a cohesive mine plan and their general struggle to grasp basic alluvial diamond-mining operational concepts," said Mr.
Alluvial fans; geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics.
SouthernEra Diamonds commences bulk sampling at Badibanga Alluvial Project
just outside a regional pumping station along Bouquet Canyon and Soledad Canyon roads, would treat the complete flow of water coming out of the alluvial well - roughly 1,300 gallons per minute, said Bob DiPrimio, the utility's president.
Woodruff begins her study by exploring the origin of the alluvial empire, which is the name turn-of-the-century capitalists gave the Mississippi River Valley.
None of these features characterize the Ganga Alluvial Plain, where sediments in the mega fans from the Himalayan rivers that cover major parts of the alluvial plain are sandy, and associated groundwater is not reduced to the level required to cause significant mobilization of As.
Part I, or the first four chapters, deals with the techniques used to investigate alluvial environments, whilst Part II, in the next six chapters, goes on to review the literature on how floodplains operate set against natural agencies and human response and adaptations.
The Mississippi Alluvial Valley, which covers parts of seven States from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to the mouth of the Mississippi River, was once a 9.
A systematic grade control program has been implemented to keep mining focused on just the alluvial "pay zone" to minimize mining dilution.
During the last century the alluvial forests and bog woodlands in the valleys have been endangered by agriculture and commercial forestry activities.
SouthernEra Diamonds reports on the Badibanga Alluvial Project, Democratic
In addition, the Stetson report also bases its conclusions on water drawn from the the Saugus Formation and alluvial aquifer, but neither of those groundwater sources is completely reliable because of perchlorate contamination far beneath.