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a quality characterized by indirect reference

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(Similarly, the Norton anthology does not inform the readers of this source.) In this poem, allusiveness reinforces the hero's self-conscious awareness of himself as a modern embodiment of quest-heroes and heroic ideals that have now become anachronistic.
Decisive yet undogmatic in such identifications, Rutter provides an overview of how different critics have interpreted such allusiveness.
Lyons is quite right to point out "the decorative elaboration" and its "extra dimension of allusiveness" that give the Arabic a depth that is not immediately apparent.
Allusiveness is awkward; intertextuality seems to convey precisely this saturation of one text by phrase from the entire literary tradition" (524).
In keeping with the Joycean allusiveness of the narrative, Bowdring's protagonist appears as a sort of aging Stephen Dedalus who has yet to go forth and forge anything tangible in the smithy of his introspective soul.
Also, at times unavoidably, Chinese allusiveness takes over--the names of fourteen Chinese authors, none of them well known to the English reader, appear on the first essay's opening page.
But bearing in mind Hemingway's reflexive allusiveness, consider for a moment the famously hubristic words of Kaiser Wilhelm II, uttered in August 1914 as he watched his German troops heading off to the Great War: "You will be home before the leaves have fallen from the trees" (qtd.
For those interested in satire more generally, the book provides thorough evidence of satire's allusiveness and leads us to ask how much contextual information a reader must have to understand and enjoy any satire.
Photos that lack this allusiveness can leave you with the impression that such images can be found anywhere.
Biomarker results, along with personal preference, eliminate some allusiveness associated with health care decision-making.
Rather, Brosman conjoins an easeful, suave--sometimes, frankly, meandering--voice with a compact allusiveness and wit that recovers some of the genius of the Metaphysicals of the seventeenth century.
The aesthetics of Dezafi are thus inseparable from the Kreyol language, which is ontologically Spiralist in its allusiveness, indirectness, and polyphony, and a rather efficacious instrument of subversion and discursive marronage.
This capacious allusiveness, then, is what the title promises: Arac's notion of "impure worlds" is less an argument sustained throughout the essays than a retrospective name for his intertextual way of practicing criticism, impurity stands here for an expansive understanding of literary influence that Arac credits to Harold Bloom (x) but which could as easily be attributed to the vast comparativism of critics like Auerbach, Bakhtin,or Lukacs, each of whom he cites repeatedly.
Its most celebrated masters aim their expressions at historically over-aware cognoscenti, who respond to ironic allusiveness at least as eagerly as they do to originality or skill.
In this frame, Carson's manic allusiveness suggests not only the rich density of America's culture but the unreflective nature of its decline.