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a quality characterized by indirect reference

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This does not replace the allusiveness of the original, but it does make the story somewhat sturdier.
But Fuller's allusiveness proceeds both from her unusually erudite mental habits and, I would argue, a particular understanding of consciousness that placed her considerably ahead of her time.
The work's two most evident but seemingly incompatible aspects, reductive objecthood and post-performative allusiveness, somehow come to seem mutually implicated.
Photos that lack this allusiveness can leave you with the impression that such images can be found anywhere.
Biomarker results, along with personal preference, eliminate some allusiveness associated with health care decision-making.
Like Schutt's two previous novels, Prosperous Friends is relatively short, but the poetic concision and allusiveness of her prose give the story more heft than a mere 200 pages would suggest.
Rather, Brosman conjoins an easeful, suave--sometimes, frankly, meandering--voice with a compact allusiveness and wit that recovers some of the genius of the Metaphysicals of the seventeenth century.
The aesthetics of Dezafi are thus inseparable from the Kreyol language, which is ontologically Spiralist in its allusiveness, indirectness, and polyphony, and a rather efficacious instrument of subversion and discursive marronage.
This capacious allusiveness, then, is what the title promises: Arac's notion of "impure worlds" is less an argument sustained throughout the essays than a retrospective name for his intertextual way of practicing criticism, impurity stands here for an expansive understanding of literary influence that Arac credits to Harold Bloom (x) but which could as easily be attributed to the vast comparativism of critics like Auerbach, Bakhtin,or Lukacs, each of whom he cites repeatedly.
Its most celebrated masters aim their expressions at historically over-aware cognoscenti, who respond to ironic allusiveness at least as eagerly as they do to originality or skill.
In this frame, Carson's manic allusiveness suggests not only the rich density of America's culture but the unreflective nature of its decline.
Of especial importance in this context is the question of the isolation of the artist, a question that is foregrounded by the allusiveness and not-always accessible symbolism of the poetry.
Godard's notion of cinema stresses the allusiveness of image combinations and juxtapositions (the sights and sounds of cinema do not present us with self-evident truths).
Shortly after that stage, the allusiveness faded and the subject matter became increasingly explicit.
Hegel proposes deliberation of the sciences that produces rational beliefs that 'are not a matter of turns of phrase, allusiveness, half utterances and silences, but consist in the unambiguous, determinate and open expression of their meaning and significance'.