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Synonyms for allusive

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

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characterized by indirect references

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Allusively titled "Flemish Tapestries," this chapter-- which uses twelve of the almost twenty extant English translations--helps readers see "the gorgeous evolution the English language has undergone over a period of four hundred years." As the dozen translators shift from "lion whelps" to "lion cubs" to "little lions" (193-199), we see what time, culture, and personal quirkiness can do to language.
In fact, anyone who has read her novels at all closely will soon be aware that major themes are very much alive and kicking in them, though they are dealt with subtly and allusively.
Here, the repetition of "impatient," "urgent letter," and "coming over directly" tracks an increasing intensity of alarm, allusively raising the suspicion that something pressing troubles Mrs.
By allusively linking Whitman's ferry to Charon's, Whitman's Brooklyn to a "smoking bank," and his harbor to "the black waters of Lethe," Ginsberg criticizes the fact that Whitman leaves dystopian details of his New York surroundings--such as the "the fires from the foundry chimneys burning high and glaringly into the night" in the penultimate line of Canto 3--minimal, sketchy, and latent (Leaves 137).
The video pieces for which he is best known regularly feature an allusively mythological dimension, but they also point to the dire consequences of water mismanagement and climate change, of regional warfare and the status of immigrants in a neoliberal economic landscape.
Redundant within the economy of the late empire's needs, Anna struggles to "fit together" the two landscapes constituting her identity by reading them allusively via the cues of Gothic fiction.
However, Invitation, published in the same year as Lukacs's study, can be seen to conflate realist and modernist practice in problematizing verisimilitude through experimentation while engaging, albeit allusively, with socio-political concerns.
The tensions and (if one may go so far) apparent contradictions inherent in Raphael's pedagogy call for a closer examination, for the manner in which the angel fulfills his mission from God reveals a methodology prone to placing excessive restrictions on human curiosity about the natural world, a methodology allusively foreshadowed through the manner in which Raphael issues his warning to Adam regarding the forbidden fruit.
Bodying forth the anxieties of a turbulent decade, the spectres in 1820s melodramas signify allusively rather than referentially.
The name is sometimes used allusively "with reference to the quick motion of which the metal is capable." Quicksilver, Oxford English Dictionary (2d ed.
Rather, echoing Proust, memories irrupt into the text allusively, associatively indirectly.
The post-structuralist novel calls itself a “Prose Epic” because of its subject matter, but is otherwise a purposeful implosion of literary gimmicks: A Narrator (allusively called B.L.A) and an Editor (named Gabbler) frame the novel.
Or couldn't it be all of this at once, the premises of a narrative strategy which, while acknowledging a political and historical context but only allusively, gives it a more universal scope, precisely by emphasizing the inhumanity of a system which turns living men into putrefying bodies?
Because it is fleeting and irregular, as well as nonempirical, it cannot be accessed by scientific tests; it can only be evoked allusively and indirectly--precisely by means of something like a work of speculative sf.
Thus, allusively, once again, Lowry suggests the everlasting cycle of descent-ascent, or of death-renewal, which ends up constituting the image of the circle recurring also in the image of the wheel in Under the Volcano.