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Synonyms for allusive

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

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characterized by indirect references

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25) Seth's and Dino's ambiguous social value and bodily potential challenge Eliot's orderly moral realism; they exemplify an enthusiasm-enabled, potentially transgressive manhood; their introspective selfishness and non-reproductive sexuality allusively suggest unmanly passivity, auto-, and same sex eroticism.
In terms of classical models, however, the Cantos do not put a hero figure center-stage except allusively.
But, as the authors admit, the language of high priesthood is used allusively in 1 Clement as well as Didache 13:3.
If we go back to Voluspa, Snorri's source for much of the Ragnarok narrative in Gylfaginning, we find a version of Baldr's death which is very allusively, even cryptically, presented, in clear contrast to Snorri's fluent and detailed prose.
Ellis deflects postmodern criticism by balancing his foundational claims with an empiricism that refers rather allusively to personal spiritual experience as the touchstone for the veracity of the Biblical revelations-constructions which are integral to Judaism.
So, for example, Post leads into his analysis of Jonson's `Inviting a Friend to Supper' by noting that `Donne, the master of metaphor whose yoking of opposites has long been seen as his special trademark, searches as few poets ever have to find resemblance amid difference', while `Jonson, the poet of metonymy for whom listing, not yoking, is at the core of his distinctly ethical vision, seeks to identify, to define, and frequently to rank individuals and objects in relation to one another in this world'; thus, `if "The Good-morrow", with its taut dialectics of body and soul, time and eternity, and its allusively symbolic language positing worlds within worlds is central to Donne's art, then "Inviting a Friend to Supper" lies at the heart of Jonson's' (p.
EMI Classics give us a gently erotic Mucha cover-picture, and the insert-notes, though clumsily translated and allusively kite-flying, are meticulously researched.
Awash with striking symmetrical shots and velvety smooth transitions, Possible Worlds employs a sensuous palette that vacillates allusively from cool blues, greys and whites to warm ochres and browns.
As a Salingerian epiphany of pleasure-pain, of willed-unwilled motion toward an epiphanic circle, it allusively combines a recurrent geometric form with an equally recurrent idea of bright, pure color, all in a context of several contrasting-merging elements.
No one has to write "erectilely," as Waldo Frank does in Virgin Spain (53-4), or allusively, as Eliot does (139), or solemnly, as Aldous Huxley does in reviewing Hemingway (190-92), or gaudily, as Faulkner does (120).
These allusively explored and delineated such a rich variety of literary themes as D.
For such readers, however, cakes feature importantly on the rich and allusively intertextual menu of Delta Wedding.
She assembles her findings as anecdotal and allusively poetic reports that suggest longue-duree, otherwise invisible, ecological changes in the region's history of human migration.
It is because "as Freud allusively remarks, touch is the only one of the five external senses which possesses a reflexive structure" that the skin is especially disposed to suggest a psychic "inside" and "outside.
In the eleven paintings that were in this show, all equal in size and in identical thin black frames, densely expressionist or allusively calligraphic brushstrokes bunch or stutter across shimmering color fields.