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Synonyms for allusive

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

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characterized by indirect references

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Il est aussi un echo amoureux, present et brulant dans son œuvre extremement a la fois allusive et charnelle, a la fois crue meme avec ses odeurs, ses grains de peau, ses semences repandues : [beaucoup moins que]Tu me manques / Mon cœur est depeuple/ Pleurent les papillons insomniaques[beaucoup plus grand que].
The show will include some twenty works (that together feature more than ISO sculptures) dating from 1986 until Munoz's death in 2001, alongside several events that will foreground the artist's more allusive, nonfigurative works in sound.
These are becoming more and more common than the allusive intelligent person sightings.
These might have been redeemed by some witty, allusive or even varied music but Nyman's musical palette was a drab one of few chords, plodding rhythms and little dynamic range.
She reportedly did not directly mention the king but allegedly made an allusive use of the words "yellow" and "blue", the traditional colours of the monarchy.
Readers of lay Wright's poetry know him as a relentlessly allusive and idiosyncratic mythmaker who is always playing more games than one.
Elle est parvenue a une synthese d'une maniere allusive en esquissant des sujets qu'elle construits rigoureusement.
This edition of the BTM will focus on the food industry, featuring a pavilion of high value added products produced in Costa Rica, along with the allusive atmosphere with an industrial focus as part of the innovation strategy proposed by the event for this year.
I am entranced by what Alan Hollinghurst or Orhan Pamuk can do with elliptical, allusive, cadenced, pitch-perfect sentences.
35) is not as simple, particularly with Allusive Power and Captain Cullen renewing course rivalry.
The narrative style is at once concise yet richly allusive and the novel can be read on many levels: the compelling nature of its plot and central character make it accessible to readers who want a straightforward thriller, while it's linguistic and ideological complexity make it worthy of study as a GCSE set text.
While Gracq's allusive, layered prose (deftly translated by Christopher Moncrieff) has historically received the lion's share of praise, his handling of plot is equally dexterous.
She argues that the minor model imitation practices probably began as a way for writers to exercise their skills before attempting to engage "loftier" literature, but became over time a way for the poets to address their fellow poets in an allusive way that would not necessarily be recognized by the general audience.
According to Murphy, Beckett's major prose works from 1932 onward in various ways all respond either to Dedalus's theories of claritas, quidittas, and integritas, or rewrite, ironically or not, the epiphanic vision of sexual beauty: all are deeply, elaborately embedded with allusive traces of A Portrait, the Joyce text (perhaps the text), as Murphy suggests, that had the most influence on Beckett.
From the Ovidian side, she challenges any notion of Milton competing with Ovid as a hostile reader, arguing instead for a relationship based on deeply allusive familiarity and sympathy.