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Synonyms for allure

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Synonyms for allure

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

to beguile or draw into a wrong or foolish course of action

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Synonyms for allure

the power to entice or attract through personal charm

dispose or incline or entice to


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Having to say "no" to these other inviting possibilities, and having to decline the tempting allurements frame up our life and work as one of sacrifice.
Visitors to Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff were treated to the performance, entitled Allurements of Mass Media, as part of the month- long Experimentica 05 season.
A former naval chaplain, expelled from the service for homosexuality, he was in his late twenties in 1677 when, 'lulled asleep by the allurements of the Popish Syrenes' as he later put it, he was received into the Catholic church.
The other key insight is that the reflexively antimodern stance that characterized much of Roman Catholicism until the 1960s was the greatest source of theological/political confusion on the part of those who were temporarily taken in by the allurements of Nazism.
Remember, Bill Clinton was all set to start privatizing Social Security, until the allurements of the divine Monica postponed the onslaught.
When these allurements fail, more aggressive means may be employed, not barring fraud and intimidation.
"If habit is not a result of resolute and firm principles ever more and more purified, then, like any other mechanism of technically practical reason, it is neither armed for all eventualities nor adequately secured against changes that may be brought about by new allurements."--Immanuel Kant, Introduction to the Metaphysical Elements of Ethics.
If so, it will have learned to resist the allurements of the culture of death.
This, he argues, allowed anecdotes put in service of Confucianism to incorporate "whole words of oddities and allurements, or perversions and unaccountable motivations" (pp.
The sins into which, by their own moral conduct, certain members of the Personnel of the Church happen to fall,--whether it is a question of pride of spirit or weakness of the flesh, or of the allurements of prestige and riches [and we could very well add today, an exaggerated and dishonest concern for the reputation of the institutional Church or a haughty indifference to the sufferings of the innocent and most vulnerable members of the Church], --certainly have repercussions on the flocks it is their mission to shepherd and on the manner in which they lead them.
(41.) Shershow persuasively extends Marx's analysis of the mystification of social relations under capitalism to the fascination with the market itself: "the glittering subjective allurements of the marketplace, like the apparent equality of buyer and seller, function to conceal the economic relations of capitalism as much as they feed its ever-increasing appetite for consumption" (10).
In the autumn, nature becomes a wonderful spectacle in Switzerland with its very own allurements.
Hoover tackles the responses to such moral issues as the "just war," the absolutist claims of pacifism, the iniquity of Nazi paganism and racial hatred, or the allurements of non-democratic totalitarianism.
She drew on more than 30 years of detailed records from other biologists and spent a year in Tanzania observing wild males scrapping over females with various allurements.